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28 Jun 2012 - 19:0386856
Will this work?
So in two months time I will be cosplaying Porco Rosso. One problem I can't find a decent flightsuit. So in desperation I am thinking about buying this Ghostbuster fancy dress costume.http://www.wildnightsfancydress.co.uk/fancy-dress-costume--wild-nights-ghostbusters-xl-2532-p.asp Obviously I will make patches to go over the Ghostbuster logos. Does this look ok to you guys or will it look cheap and nasty?

29 Jun 2012 - 00:4886868
I'm not a big fan of fancy dress costumes per say as they tend to cheap out.

When I did Chell from portal all that ever came back was those horrid inmate prison jumpsuit things. Then I decided to search for these things under other names and in the end found a really nice orange dickies work suit.

Search terms I used included:
- Coveralls
- Overalls
- Boiler Suit
- Work Suit
- Jump suit (those these tend to be expensive army ones)

This is an option:
http://www.bestinthecountry.co.uk/workwear/boilersuits__coveralls/click_workwear_cotton_drill_boilersuit/32525_p.html but you would need to dye it - but cotton dying is really simple.

These guys might be better though:

they appear to have beige and brown (but there out of stock atm on this listing but there were others from this company)

I hope that helps. Just saves a lot of time if it's ready to wear

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