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28 Jun 2012 - 15:5986838
Wig Wefting Help (Lace-Front Wig?)

I was wondering if anyone has any tips or knows of any handy tutorials for wig-wefting for a complete novice? And, does anyone know if adding wefts to lace-front wigs differs much from normal ones? (I probably wouldn’t be wefting into the front section but I just want to double check.)

I'm planning on buying this wig for a cosplay but there are some reviews commenting that the seller's wigs are a little thin. Since I'm going to be cutting it to at least half the length, I was thinking of wefting in the excess to thicken it if needed.

Thank you! c:

29 Jun 2012 - 00:5786869
I'm really new to weft making but I gave it a go when I cosplayed Erica and I couldn't believe how easy it is. There's a really good tutorial which I will find to attatch but basically what you need is dress net (the cheap £1pm stuff is fine) in the colour of your wig and wig fibres.

What you do is:

1: Cut a square of net 5cm x 5cm.
2: Place hair on the net. don't bunch it too much try and lay it flat and level but leave a 2.5cm gap at the top. You can fill it up completely lengthways.
3: Fold the net in half.
4: Run this through your sewing machine with a running stich forward and back several times.
5: Voila you have made one weft. Cut the excess net off and hand sew into wig

It's very simple - I was very suprise. You can make the squares of net bigger and smaller as you feel comfortable and some tutorials take about putting a newspaper layer on the outside of the net layer but I found my machine didn't need it. Oh and you'll get the hand of what is a too thin or two thick weft - it comes with practice. Though it's easier to cut the wig, and hold the hair that comes off and put it directly onto the netting. When you put it down and pick it up again you lose lots of fibres and it's a bit fiddly - or maybe I shouldn't of tried to make wefts when I had really bad hayfever

In any case I hope that helps - pm/or post here if you want any further details

Here's the tutorial which gives a few more details then I have but is essentially the same

Oh and with the thing about lace front versus normal, I found it the same to be honest

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