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22 Dec 2008 - 15:278910
Quote Sephirayne:

What matters is how happy you are and what you want to do to be happy. I happen to love wearing mens suits so I do. I happen to prefer male cosplays so I make them. If you are unhappy in anyway then its worth considering other cosplays. Afterall its a hobby. One that should be enjoyed.

Hope that makes a kind of sense.

I love crossplaying in the cosplay context. It just doesn't fit with being a man normally, and hence friends ask why I want to do it at all. So I opened myself up to deep questions and try to make sense of it. I listen to what others experiences are so I can compare. But the more I hear the more I think I am not transgendered.
The question remains unanswered then Why do I want to crossplay if I am not transgendered? Is it enough simply to say "..because I enjoy it.." ? I think it will have to be.

Oh Tab, Sorry to go off at a slight tangent from the original discussion ..I just think you guys have the most clear understanding of crossplay and gender issues and thought you wouldn't mind too much if I digressed a bit.

Thanks everyone for your comments, they are very insightful.

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