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25 Jun 2012 - 21:2786703
With Alcon slowly approaching I thought I would do a new thread asking whose going and what cosplays people are planning for it.

So far I have;
Travis Touchdown
Monkey D Luffy
Luke Ainsworth
Natsu Dragneel
and a few Mysterys planned XD

So what is everyone else doing?

i am a bat~ dechu

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25 Jun 2012 - 21:3286705
Ooooh oooh oooh me!!!

haha well you already know that lol.

It's not like i'd not go, it IS held at my uni!!

Edit: this changes so much...

My list of Epic fun!!

Juliet Starling - purple pride - Lollipop chainsaw.
Aria- Sacred blacksmith.
Erza Scarlet - robe of Yuen- as alway's theres Fairy Tail!
Elie - Rave Master.
Saeko - H.O.T.D
Anna Valerious- Ballgown of purtyness- Van Helsing.

Maybe's :
Alice -Alice Madness Returns- Royal Suit. - maybe.
Lucy Heartfilia- cheerleader outfit.
captain Lilianna - queens blade.

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25 Jun 2012 - 21:4186706
I'm going! [:

Staurday- Peter Pan
Saturday Night - Formal Death the Kid
Sunday - Princess Bubblegum

Visit my youtube group! http://www.youtube.com/user/VampiiredPiirates

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27 Jun 2012 - 19:3586777
too many just look at my sig it will give u a better info as im gonna change it when i can

05 Aug 2012 - 00:2888769
I'm going! Only got about five outfits to make for me and my friends before then!

I'm planning:
Oz Vessalius -Pandora Hearts
Thor Odinson- Avengers Assemble
Ciel Phantomhive- Kuroshitsuji
Rhyme Bito- The World Ends With You

I can't wait xD

05 Aug 2012 - 22:3788818
I've got -
Thursday - Homestuck; Dave Strider
Friday - Morning: Ponyo; sosuke. Afternoon: Homestuck; Dirk Strider
Saturday - Shaman King: horohoro
Ball - Promstuck: Dirk Strider
Sunday - Homestuck: Jake English

05 Aug 2012 - 23:0788822
My plans are (though likely to stick now)

Thursday; Shinra (Durarara)
Friday; Fujimoto (Ponyo), Cosmo (Fairly Odd Parents)
Saturday; Clopin (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Sunday; Severus Snape, both teacher and student (Harry Potter)

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07 Aug 2012 - 21:2188965
Looking forward to Alcon I am...
I'll be,

Thursday-Rose (Homestuck)
Friday morning- Ponyo
Friday afternoon- Wanda (fairly odd parents)
Saturday- Esmeralda (The hunchback of notre dame)
Sunday- Roxy (Homestuck) Will aslo be doing her for the ball ^.^

Can tell who I'm going to Alcon with on this page xD

07 Aug 2012 - 21:2788966
Quote Roenua:
Can tell who I'm going to Alcon with on this page xD

We're just that easy to spot. And with that matching cosplays

Cosplayer. Photographer. Idiot.
08 Aug 2012 - 23:1289047
I shall be re-wearing mostly.

Thinking of taking

Yui -Angel Beats-
Kida Masaomi
Belarus-Amore Mio-

and then for Saturday night ball thingy, Peggy Carter

26 Aug 2012 - 12:4889942
Has everyone done all their cosplays for this?

I know i've still got quite a bit to do LOL!

26 Aug 2012 - 13:0589944
As far as I know right now!

its a re-make of Kotetsu T Kaburagi!

thats all I know right now XD

26 Aug 2012 - 21:4289976
ive done all mine just gotta peice together my grey cosplay

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