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25 Jun 2012 - 18:4586697
Wigs drive me crazy...
I feel like I had to get my rage out here, because I'm so frustrated...

My poor White Rock Shooter wig is still a mess. I've been at it with different untangling methods for almost 2 months now. I'm almost thinking about just leaving it the way it is.

It's smooth and untangled on the bottom half, but severely tangled at the top. I'll never be able to braid it for another cosplay. It'll never be freakin' untangled.

You name the method, I've probably tried it and failed.

How do you guys do it so easily? I'm about to just freakin' love my mind with this damn wig. It's destroyed. Well, maybe it's not, but it feels like it. I can't separate it in sections, I can't comb is out past the halfway-point, and I flat out can't do anything with it and I only wore the damn thing ONCE.


29 Jun 2012 - 00:0886871
Umm generally if I have a long wig before I put it into storage I plait it and then leave it plaited until I need to wear it again. I also store them in the bag it comes in to keep it nice.

As for wigs getting tangled with wear my Asuka wig does this all the time and when I finish with her I brush her out but it's really falling apart - sometimes you can just be unlucky with wigs.

Also I find I often end up tangling my wigs more if I try to de tangle them :S So infuruiating

Though what I think really is to save yourself some stress and invest in a new heat resistant wig. Those things tangle a lot less than regular wigs. I'm not sure why but I have found it to be true. And you can straighten them to look nice if need be

I have about 4/5 wigs which are my "reliable wigs" I've used and abused them for multiple cosplays and each time they just come out perfect and they are my favorite wigs ever - as I say - its just luck of the draw

30 Jun 2012 - 12:2986959
Ah I know how this can be :/
Just like Gaming_Goddess mentioned you should buy a new wig but if you still want to wear this wig then maybe you can try conditioning it and blow-drying it. I'm not so sure if you have tried it or as a last resort you can just cut out the tangled areas.

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30 Jun 2012 - 12:4886961
The things i have used in the past to detangle wigs is using conditioner, leaving it in for over 24 hours and then brushing from bottom to top.

Or just brushing it from bottom to top without anything. But i guess it really does depend on the wig and the condition it is in and what fibre it is :S

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14 Jul 2012 - 19:3287611
I've had a similar problem with wigs before.
The conditioning method is a good idea. With my Katniss Everdeen wig I managed to completely mess it up trying to braid it (it was curly to look more textured when braided, but obviously, this made it a nightmare to plait XD ). In the end I just poured warm water all over it and left it to drip dry. After that I teased out what I could with a comb and braided it straight away so save it getting any more tangled.
If yours is really too tangled to do these things then yeah, it might be worth buying a new one - as annoying as that is.
Good luck anyway!

18 Jul 2012 - 10:2387849
u need to use a wig brush
its got metal things on it dont use plastic brushes

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