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25 Jun 2012 - 17:2586693
seung mina soul calibur 2 cosplay
I want to cosplay seung mina's second costume out of soul calibur 2, the one where she wears a green apron but i'm not to sure how to make the apron so can anyone help me please or make it for me if they know what i mean I can buy the rest of her costume it is just the green apron.

27 Jun 2012 - 11:3286758
The most rewarding part of cosplaying is having a go for yourself so give it a try and then if your still having trouble there are plenty of cosplayers whom accept commissions and they can be found on the commisioners corner

As for giving it a go will you be hand sewing or sewing on a machine (sorry you havn't uploaded and cosplays yet so I'm not sure on your skill level - i'm not saying that to be insulting I just want to tailor my answer better )

I'm guessing this is the design you are referring to:
but if I'm wrong feel free to pm/post here the correct picture.

So there are two main options either buy a green dress and modify it.

Or make from scratch.

Both options will need you to paint on the motif and add ribbon/fabric and trim for the other colours. It's just weather you spend 10hours searching for a dress or 10hours having a go at making the dress

A suitable pattern would be:
This one is good as the boob segment is gathered - in Seung Mina's design this is hidden by her sash but it just means it will be more flattering to your body

Suitable fabrics for this would be:
- Klona Cotton
- Cotton Drill
- Satin (if you want to give it a shiny look.)

Any further questions (as I mentioned above) please feel free to message me about anything

27 Jun 2012 - 12:2886762
aaw thankyou very much i think i might have a go at making it myself, you've given me the confidence now

27 Jun 2012 - 12:5486764
No worries But as I said feel free to message me if you get half way through and get stuck. And don't be disheartned if it looks really naff half way through becuase cosplays often look rubbish before they look good

Also if your sewing by hand make sure you allow a lot of time - my early cosplays were all hand sewn but it is time consuming - though I also find it more relaxing than machine sewing so it works both ways

Good Luck

27 Jun 2012 - 13:3486766
thanks i'll try my best

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