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18 Jun 2012 - 18:5886336
Me Again! Does anyone have experience making holsters?
I could buy and modify one if it's cheaper, but I'd love to make my own! I'm cosplaying Sharon Carter. I've linked an image. Sharon Carter Image
It looks slightly different in some but it's essentially 2 belts one holster on her right attached to her thigh and then some other utility pockets.
I've had a look at a few tutorials but none of them really look right. Does anyone have any suggestions for fabric to use? I also wouldn't be offended if I was told it'd be better to buy them. As long as the end product looks good!

Thanks guys!


25 Jun 2012 - 13:3186672
I made holsters for Riza Hawkeye. I used leatherette and then basically just draw the pattern just around guns I would be using (baring in mind to leave room for a seem) so they would fit right and then adjusted the cut the way I wanted it to look. I did double layer it to give thickness/sturdiness and so the white under layer wouldn't show too much.


25 Jun 2012 - 16:1186685
Thank you!


27 Jun 2012 - 22:5486805
A friend of mine (Squall_Wolfheart) made all my hardware for babydoll out of actual leather, you have to wet let leather and then bend/mould it round the gun, then bake it then put eyelets into it to keep it shut. It's then dyed/stained to the colour you want. It is an expensive technique but looks amazing in comparision to the leatherette ones I used to make which were forever warping and twisting from the gun inside.

If you do want to use leatherette you could make a paper machie base to cover then it would warp as much

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