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18 Jun 2012 - 01:1286290
What is that around his neck?

I'm hoping to do Wilson Fisk for Amecon and I can't work out what that is he has around his neck, it looks too fat to be a tie. I thought it was maybe a cravat but googling it it doesn't appear to be. I don't think its a scarf either so suggestions on what it might be and if possible where I might get one would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

18 Jun 2012 - 01:2186291
a scarf tucked into his shirt

18 Jun 2012 - 01:4086292
That's an ascot :3 or an Ascot tie, as ascot can result in images of the races, as well as hats.

I know, as I've got a pattern piece for one.

And they can be bought from here

Hope that's helpful ^_^

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18 Jun 2012 - 08:2586296
It's an ascot with a tie-pin ^_^ You can sometimes find them called opera scarves as well by some that can't tell the difference ^_^

CosplayIsland Staff Member

18 Jun 2012 - 21:2886347
Thanks very much guys, a big help. I knew you guys would know

18 Jun 2012 - 21:5686351
To be fair you could use a cravat, just remember not to put it through the loop like a tie, it just hangs over. The ideas already posted look good though! So your safest bet is to go with one of them!


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