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14 Jun 2012 - 16:1786095
i need help !!! (≧◡≦)
i dont know what to go as
im wiling to go as anything from anything no matter if i have seen it or not
preferably anime
i hope you can help
im sorry for my spelling

14 Jun 2012 - 16:3186097
You'll have more fun if you cosplay as a character you like from a series you like. So think about anime, manga, videogames and films you've recently or enjoyed (or have always loved).

Then think about the characters you love most (or that it would be fun to dress up and act like).

From there you can look for sites selling that costume, or work out how to make it yourself.

Alternatively, do a Google Image Search on "anime" and another keyword you fancy (like ninja, princess, badass or something) and see what inspires you.

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