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14 Jun 2012 - 03:4586078
Tales Of Graces F Group 2013
Hiya I'm Annie and I'm looking to get a Tales Of Graces F group together next year probably at London MCM Expo May ) I know its pretty far away but I like to start mine early so I don't panic last minute

Ok so I love Sophie and plan to cosplay her and Dream_Eater_X is cosplaying Asbel.

Sophie:- A strange girl that Asbel and Hubert meet in their childhood, found laying in a flower field. Asbel names her after the sophelia flower, she has no recollection of knowledge of her life prior to meeting the boys. Her origins are a mystery.

Asbel Lhant:- An Adventurous young man and next in line to become Baron of the Lhant region, Asbel chose to become a Knight instead of taking his father's seat. A dedicated swordsman, Asbel is always looking out for others, his overly caring nature perhaps his only weakness.
Other characters include

Richard:- childhood friend of Asbel, a peaceful but patriotic man who trusts his friends, his whole demeanour changes when he is possessed by the dark force, Lambda.
Hubert Oswell:- Asbel's younger brother, who grew from a timid boy to a stern and serious young man. His relationship with his elder sibling is taut and frayed at best.

Malik Caesar:- Asbel's instructor at the Knight Academy, Malik is disciplined, honourable and powerful. His commanding presence has earned him the admiration and respect of his students, yet hi is frank and approachable.A fearsome battlemage in combat.

Pascal:-Cheery and full of life, she is a technician that Asbel and company meet on their journey- a genius one. Blending a projectile-firing staff with offensive magic in battle, she's a lot tougher than she first appears.

Cheria Barnes:-Asbel and Hubert's childhood friend, and granddaughter to the Lhant family's butler, Frederick. While a sickly young girl, she grows into a powerful healer. Cheria has long harboured romantic feelings for Asbel, but fears ever revealing them to him.


Group pic above^^^

14 Jun 2012 - 03:5886079
Hubert Oswell:- http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcROJ5AbeLdMYPcvKJgf2-JfUUvQfgcCZZ7mC4faFhaGoWu0HcJE

Malik Caesar:- http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcST3F1yavJCAkm2k3LONIuWb8wtWD2KcSDvXRCW0t8o_wshcWUAFw

Pascal:- http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRM_8c0PF9j2KkaSzAFspGzgDOom2TRpJtvdeNK5dknCXa_uqN2

Cheria Barnes:- http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRQCr_VEwGLK0zOifecrxdExn4YjMV8KqWmCsjG6tO0F_FDlTZ8

14 Jun 2012 - 04:0086080
Oooh, yes, me, I'll join! 8D I'm working on post-ending Sophie at the moment, buuuut if you're cosplaying her already I might take up cosplaying Richard? 8D
Not 100% sure if I can go to May Expo yet, but if I can I'd love to be part of this group! /Tales is my life xD

14 Jun 2012 - 10:3986085
Awww that's AWESOME :3

You're welcome to cosplay sophie too hun xx I'm not sure what her costume is called but the one pictured under "Sophie" I'm making so if its different you are welcome to cosplay her it will look cool with different versions of her xx

Do you know what the sophie costume above is called and the sophie costume you are planning also?

love it <3

Anyone is welcome to join this group x and maybe we could decide what expo/con to do it at

Would anyone be interested in a masquerade skit?

14 Jun 2012 - 20:1786114
Ah, you're cosplaying her default outfit! It doesn't really have a name, haha xD
Yeah, the one I'm making is a different one, so I'll cosplay her too! Different versions, yees~! I just started the epilogue of the game today, and apparently the one I'm making is called "Toast of the Town", which doesn't suit how it looks at all, ha xP

Just remembered a friend of mine is planning to cosplay Richard at some point! =O When we figure out when this'll be and when we're closer to it, I can poke her and see if she's up for the group! =3

19 Jun 2012 - 21:3886404
Oh yeah! XD that's awesome we cud stand back to back and everything I'm so excited for this!!

Aw yep will all decide a place to do this awesome group closer to next year xx

Aw I wish I had the game I own a xbox360 and Ps2 and N64 suckage ;_; I'm after a 3DS atm xx or maybe ps vita need a handheld! Hehe

I've read reviews and watched playthroughs of Tales and I love it xx

Sorry for the late reply xx

Annie x

21 Jun 2012 - 19:1586512
Yeah, that'd be really awesome! 8D Haha, me too, it's been too long since I've been in a Tales group! <3

The game is really great, I hope you'll be able to play it somehow! Can understand the need to spread out money though, it took Graces being localized for me to finally get a PS3, haha xD

24 Jun 2012 - 23:3986657
Aww you've done a tales of graces cosplay before? Xx

Got another addition to our group Hugo as Hubert xx Dream_Eater_X as asbel has now dropped out so Asbel is now available.

26 Jun 2012 - 14:5686726
Not Graces, but I've been in a Symphonia one and I've done duos from Tales of the Abyss as Asch =3

Hubeeeert, yay! 8D

06 Sep 2012 - 23:0890594
Hey I'm gonna cosplay Pascal. I also have Cheria down too. But more interested in Pascal. So you can put me down for her ;D


06 Sep 2012 - 23:2690595
I might be interested! I'm planning on doing Cheria, and getting my boyfriend to do Asbel. Depends if it'll be for May, though

10 Sep 2012 - 22:2190722
I was planning on going as Richard in May if no-one else has plans for him?

29 Jan 2013 - 03:2796607
Tales of Graces F Group Update for May Expo
Hello Tales fans x this is an update for our group for may

I'll be wearing Sophie Lhant Fri to Sun now (I'm packing febrezze lol lucky I don't sweat much )

Also our group so far:-

Sophie (default)
Sophie (Toast of the town)
Hubert (possible)
Asbel (Possible)
Richard (possible)

01 Mar 2013 - 01:3197831
searching for a Hubert, Richard, Asbel and Cheria
Darkwings will you be our Richard? x

06 Mar 2013 - 16:5598298
Rain, you haven't added me as your Pascal yet ;D I gotta touch my sophie xD

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