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06 Jun 2012 - 22:2485641
FOR SALE: Edge Maverick Cosplay
Hey hey – basically, I am looking to sell my Edge Maverick cosplay. I wasn’t sure anyone would be interested but people said I should put it up for sale. It includes the body armour piece which is based on a L size Men’s shirt, but could fit a M/XL I’m sure. All of the leg armour (kneepads and shinpads), the boots, all of the arm armour, which is faux-leather based, and does up with Velcro strips, which can surely be re-adjusted as it is tailored to fit me (but does have room for movement!)… The sword, which is made of wood, and has LED wire around the edge which lights up nicely (photos can be seen in the journal section), and also the golden blonde wig, as well. Everything is hand made by me, and is not “perfect” (ie. It is not a sexy ‘warehouse’ style costume)… but I am putting it out there for sale nonetheless. You can feel free to adjust/change/mangle it however you want. I must have put £200+ into this, as well as my own work and effort etc. but I would happily accept anything around £100-120, people can also feel free to make offers, etc…. Thank you for reading!

CosplayIsland Link (lots of photos and details): http://cosplayisland.com/costume/view/44762

Also feel free to PM me!

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