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05 Jun 2012 - 20:0385554
Cosplay Photography Workshops at Amecon 2012
Hi guys, I just thought I'd put a post on here as well to get the word around:

I have applied to run two workshops at Amecon this August. These are aimed at photographers, rather than cosplayers, to help you learn some new techniques and have a chance to apply them in a practical setting. If you don't bring your camera you won't get much out of it XD They are as follows:

Manual focusing workshop:
This aims to teach you how to use manual focus (MF) when composing your shot. Being able to MF in addition to autofocus (AF) is an advantage because there are times when AF doesn't hit the spot, e.g. busy scenes, low lighting, moving targets etc. In addition learning MF opens up the option to purchase old manual SLR lenses for your camera (with the use of an appropriate adapter) - many of which offer wider apertures and nice optics for a lower price than purchasing a digital lens.

The workshop will last for about an hour - there are a few tips and tricks to learning MF which I will go over at the start, and after that it's just a case of practice. I will provide materials for you to practice on - they will be small detailed items like lace, leaves and high-contrast text. The practical component of the workshop will be held outdoors, dependent on the weather - if the weather's terrible then we'll do it indoors with a lighting kit. Outdoors is preferable due to being able to use higher shutter speeds which minimises camera shake ruining your practice attempts!

Before arriving at the workshop please ensure you know how to activate MF on your camera. Many dSLRs require the AF to be disengaged before turning your focusing ring. Failure to do this may damage your lens! If you're planning to attend then messaging me with the type of camera you're planning to bring would be helpful so I can familiarise myself with the MF settings to best help you out.

It's also highly recommended that you bring a lens with a closeish zoom, such as your camera's kit lens, as this is a very helpful thing when you're learning how to MF.


Posing and Angles Workshop:
This is essentially an opportunity to take some photos of cosplayers who will stand, sit, crouch, lie down, blah blah, without you feeling like you've got two seconds to take your photo and then you walk away feeling like the shot you took was pants anyway. I will be recruiting a number of cosplayers to pose in short 10-15 minute shifts (including one sitting at a table so you can practice face shots) so you can try your hand at different photography angles and poses. There will hopefully be one set of lighting available but given you'll be taking photos in these kinds of settings anyway this workshop will mostly require you to use your flash or make use of the available light levels.

Myself and Redkun will be on hand to give help and advice, and Nert has given me permission to rehash his posing panel, so the first 30 minutes will be a re-run of that, and then we'll get to the hands-on stuff!

If you have any questions or suggestions do reply to this thread or get in touch with me via PM!

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14 Jun 2012 - 17:2186105
I'm trying to bribe my dad to let me bring his Nikon, so far unsuccesful, but I'll probably pop along to say hi anyway

29 Jun 2012 - 22:2586927
Hey, I'd definitely be up for both of the panels if I'm not busy at the time. I have a Nikon D3100 with the standard kit 18-55 lens.

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30 Jun 2012 - 22:2786977
I'd definitely do my best to make it along to both of these workshops, I think I'd find them really useful.
The camera I'll be bringing is a Canon EOS 1000D ^^


18 Jul 2012 - 20:2287894
Just to let people know these two panels are now confirmed!

Saturday, 3-4pm in the gymnasium: Cosplay Photography Posing Workshop.

(may be moved to 2pm, see events guide when it's published for confirmation)
So far I've got 7 volunteers confirmed for this to model so you should be able to have a shot at photographing a variety of costumes and poses. Myself and Redkun from Cosplay Snap will be on hand to provide advice. Hopefully this panel will encourage you to be creative with both the poses of the person you're photographing and the photography angles you go for to capture them.

Sunday, 12-1pm, in one of the lecture theatres: Manual Focusing Workshop
As mentioned above, I am hoping to move us outdoors once the tips and tricks part is done, but if the weather turns out to be rubbish then we'll have to make do with the lighting indoors. I will be providing some nice detailed objects for you guys to focus on including high-contrast text, leaves, lace etc. It is highly, highly recommended that you bring along a closeish zoom or kit lens for this workshop as being able to zoom in and out on your shot is really important for helping you determine if you're properly focused or not. Live view just doesn't cut it most of the time.

Lastly, I cannot emphasise this enough: Please ensure you know how to engage manual focus on your dSLR before you come to this workshop. Many dSLRs and/or lenses require the autofocus to be disengaged before turning your lens' focusing ring. Failure to do this may damage your lens or dSLR! Please please please read your camera's manual or look it up online and have a go at disengaging the autofocus before coming to this workshop - I will not take responsibility for any damage you do to your camera as a result of attempting manual focus or any other camera maneuvers during this workshop.

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