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03 Jun 2012 - 21:0485378
Prop Help
Hi Everyone,

I thought i should ask you guys here on Cosplay Island since... its for england so yeah,

I'm making this http://images.wikia.com/strife/images/c/c8/Pogo_Hammer.png and i need help with making/finding the greyish cube, the thing below it and the handle, so... yeah. Please.

03 Jun 2012 - 21:1485381
Hmmm maybe make a box the correct size out of cardboard or something a little sturdier and paint it the right colour? If its meant to look like metal you can get metallic spray paints from craft shops.

Sorry I'm really not much help. I've just started making weapons and i find it crazy!

04 Jun 2012 - 12:3985416
Thanks i'll look into that and i know prop making is hard isn't it.

04 Jun 2012 - 14:2585425
What kind of scale are we talking here? Is it like a claw hammer or is it a big two handed mallet? Do you have a picture of the character holding it?

You could probably use a broom handle for the handle, or if it's held in one hand you could maybe use the cardboard tube from something like cellophane wrap (clingfilm) or tinfoil as these are generally smaller and longer.

You could then wrap cardboard or craft foam (which you can get from art shops like Hobbycraft) around the handle to make the grip at the bottom.

You could then make a box out of cardboard using a cube net for the main bit of the head and cylinders of cardboard for the ends. Or if you want a bit of strength you could cut circles of cardboard boxes out that are the same size and layer them up and wrap them in card to make it look better.

I hope you're not needing to make the green thing on top as for that I have no idea, paper mache maybe?

The hardest part is the bit that I'd image would be springs. You could use a toilet roll tube, cut out a spiral on the side and then reinforce it with some card inside or a clingfilm roll through the top to make a T with the handle.

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