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20 Nov 2008 - 22:157734
so yeah, I've been a little bit bored lately and feel like i need some entertaining and things. Basically, I'm looking for some RP (and I mean proper RP, not MMORPGs where you level and occasionally say hi to the people you're grouped with - I find that pretty boring ^^; - sorry to whoever enjoys that!)

I know I can't be the only one on this site who Roleplays, so do you guys have any good recommendations for roleplay sites I can join? Forums or whatever? (Also to be more annoying not livejournal, as I fail miserably at that ^^ So if that's no trouble do you guys have any you wouldn't mind sharing?

Thanks a bunch!

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25 Nov 2008 - 12:257847
Bleached Horizons.


Tis a Bleach site, and has a small non-Bleach RP section too. Take a look, my username is Peishin Louh on-site, so get in touch and say hi if you decide to join!

25 Nov 2008 - 13:527850
i used to, first rp I ever did was on....proboards? or whatever they were called then I went to MSN Groups an I stayed there for ages but after a while sits kept getting shut down then MSN decided to shut down chats and now they're eventually shutting down Groups but I no longer rp which is a shame

I did LOVE Vagrant Space though wish it'd come back...

25 Nov 2008 - 19:247858
For text-based RPGs, you can go onto Yahoo Groups and search for anything you're after. I used to RP all the time ^_^

It was how I met my girlfriend in fact LOL And 7 years later...well, we appreciate it LOL

CosplayIsland Staff Member

27 Nov 2008 - 21:057955
hhaha I met my first bf through rping as well, goodness, nearly same time ago one thinks

28 Nov 2008 - 10:077962
woot for RP ^^ tis how me and my bf met too!! lol

As for RP i tend to RP on a site called Kitsune Paradise if any of you have heard for it, another site is www.invisionfree.com/Gather_The_Lost we're really looking for new members to join and revive our rp which has gone in the slumps a bit

I also tend to RP over msn in group/single conversations which is very fun indeed ^^ so if your ever bored and wanna rp then feel free to add my msn :3

28 Nov 2008 - 22:517980
I used to RP all the time a few years ago. I was in a number of Fruits Basket and X Men groups. I think the most I did was 6 at once!! How I had the time for all those god knows!! Id love to get involved in it once more though

29 Nov 2008 - 16:047986
Another idea is: why dont we start an rp here in this thread? than anyone who misses rp and wants to can join in ^^ only an idea, dunoo how eryone feels about it.

29 Nov 2008 - 18:097990
If you like slash, try z9.invisionfree.com/atlantisacademyII.

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30 Nov 2008 - 00:307995
Waah, sorry for not replying for ages! This week I haven't been given a chance to be bored as I've just been so busy! ^^; But thanks all you guys who posted stuff and things, I've had a quick look at everything and plan to have a more in-depth search to see what takes my fancy

(Though I should point out Mew Rocky, that for some reason your link doesn't seem to work, you might want to check that out!)

Thanks again guys!

I'm going to slash your pillow and tear out all the stuffing with a motorbike made of jelly.
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