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05 Aug 2013 - 18:26105708
I am making a Kryten outfit, see my post on critique section.

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17 Aug 2013 - 20:59106143
What is it? Nilin from Remember me

How is it going? Good! I's nothing like I've ever made before but It's been a good kind of challenge.

When is it for?
Loncon mcm in october

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Everything is new! the patterns, the armoury bits, the fabric.. it's been a good journey so far.

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20 Aug 2013 - 02:21106238
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20 Aug 2013 - 12:51106246
What is it? Ledo from Suisei no Gargantia

How is it going? So far so good. Praying it would keep this way XD

When is it for? J-con if I am going, of not then Ill consider one cosplay done super early for Kita ^^

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Im just happy to try something completely new to me since it has been a while I done something challenging. Gorgeous fabric, and im looking forward to doing the rest. Just praying it would look good at the end.

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27 Aug 2013 - 09:46106581
New to cosplay ezio
Well as I'm new to cosplay I've decided to jump in
The deep end and portray one of my fave game
Characters ezio from assassins creed 2 and ive
Decided to make it from scratch so wish me luck.

08 Sep 2013 - 15:31106961
my new cosplay
im working on an adult ssj2 gohan cosplay in his great saiyaman but without the headgear or cape i have so far enjoyed the black under costume as it is made of spandex which will make my arms look really musclely and also to give the costume a bit of shine i am handstitching the green over jacket myself and i am using a toshiro hitsugaya wig then dying it blond to make it look as if im ssj 2

08 Sep 2013 - 15:39106962
Working on at the moment Bray Wyatt and Coop from megas xlr

Might start hitman soon but we'll see

08 Sep 2013 - 18:55106973
What is it? Scarecrow, as he appears in the game Batman: Arkham Asylum

How is it going? I’m finally making a bit a progress after wasting a lot of time procrastinating. I should be able to get all of the fabric parts done in time but the mask and gauntlet still require a lot of work. The costume won’t work without them so I need to get a move on.

When is it for? Hopefully it will be ready for the October MCM London Comic Con

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? I have not done much on the costume yet but it has been interesting working on the parts for the gauntlet like the syringes, test tubes and EL wire

21 Sep 2013 - 21:11107409
What is it?
Jack Skellington out of the nightmare before christmas

How is it going?
All I need to do now is either buy or make a bat bow tie

When is it for?
Doki Doki-The Manchester Japanese festival 2013

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?
Piecing it all together so quickly, everything's going really good so far and practicing my makeup

26 Sep 2013 - 16:14107593
What is it? Princess Emeraude from Magic Knight Rayearth

How is it going? Really well, still making the dress and coronet, armour in progress....

When is it for? MCM London Comic Con - October 2013 (Saturday and Sunday) - so 4 weeks!!

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Most fun part has been made to feel like a princess XD the long dress and poofy sleeves has been tricky to get right...


19 Oct 2013 - 00:18108275
What is it? Morrigan from Darkstalkers
How is it going? I had a good start but my progress has slowed right down in the last couple of weeks :c
When is it for? MCM at the end of the month
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? The head wings have been the most taxing part but also the most exciting to watch come together, not really pumped to make the bigger set tho

01 Nov 2013 - 11:26108756
Well, I've just finished working on Meredith - and now that she's finally over and done with, I'm going to start working on both Aveline (Dragon Age 2) and Naraku (Inuyasha)~

01 Nov 2013 - 13:01108762
working on my bane cosplay at the moment not the dark knight one im thinking cartoon series or comic book bane as I like the masks and such

01 Nov 2013 - 15:36108764
well im waiting for some bits i ordered to arrive then im getting into my batman beyond concept armour crafting starting with the helmet

01 Nov 2013 - 17:27108766
Currently working on the head piece for my burlesque Poison Ivy costume and the leg pieces for Sweet Pea from sucker punch.

Both are look quite good at the moment.

02 Nov 2013 - 11:36108784
I'm currently working on hit-girls dual ended sword. Working out how to detach it is killing me

23 Nov 2013 - 03:35109252
Currently, struggling with the task of making a masking tape template of the uppermost section of Delsin's denim vest, ready for when I get some black fabric to put there.

23 Nov 2013 - 10:33109253
I'm first and foremost working with three costumes right now... And you guys probably don't know the conventions I'll mention below, since they're not in the UK, so I apologize about that.

What is it?
Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji.
How is it going?
Well, I haven't really come all too far with it. I've just bought the shoes (which are awesome, but I'll have to take them to a local shoemaker to get some help with a few things on them), the ring, stockings and the wig (though, it has been lost somewhere between here and China, blah. I hate that). But I'm currently working with the shorts for him and this far I haven't made too many mistakes with them... I even think that they've turned out rather good this far.
When is it for?
My:Närcon here in Sweden, hopefully... If my wig shows up in time... If not, I'm done for.
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?
It has to be buying the fabrics needed for it. I think I found the perfect shade of purple for his coat, so I'm really looking forward to start with it.

What is it?
Yoite from Nabari no Ou.
How is it going?
Quite well, I haven't come to the part of sewing his trench coat yet - but it will come soon enough. I also need to learn how to repair a cable shirt, because there's two small holes in the left sleeve.
When is it for?
Maybe for My:Närcon, I haven't decided yet. It depends on if I can find a suitable wig that is able to arrive here in time.
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?
No, because it has been a pain to find a turtleneck shirt and cap in the right shades. And the gloves I've right now isn't in the same shade as them so I might have to try to find something else. (that camel-lightbrowin colour seem to be quite "rare" to say the least).

What is it?
Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin. (Guess I should say Armin and Eren here as well, because I'll be making costumes for those two lads as well - yes, I'm too kind for my own good, lol)
How is it going?
Slow, because it's partly on hold. I've just bought shoes to edit for it and trousers this far, as well as a wig that needs lots of styling along the bangs. But I'm feeling the need of sewing a shirt soon, so I'll have to make it soon.
When is it for?
Has not yet decided, most likely Närcon where I and my cosplaygroup will preform a skit based on Shingeki no Kyojin.
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?
Actually, it's not the costume itself that has been fun this far... It's the part of planning the skit, because that was real fun and I can't wait until we can preform it on stage this upcoming summer.

No pain, no game.
27 Dec 2013 - 10:01109849
What are you working on? Reply
What is it? Chihiro Ogino from Spirited Away.
How is it going? Still planning.
When is it for? London Anime & Gaming Con 2014.
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? No, still planning.


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27 Dec 2013 - 10:28109852
What is it? Sanji from One Piece
How is it going? Gathering supplies at the moment. Everything for the jacket is ordered. Next I'll get fabric for the shirt and when I have to return a library book next week I'll find some suitable trousers.
When is it for? For a One Piece pre-LAC meet in January and maybe London Anime and Gaming Con, if I end up going to either.
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Figuring out how I'm going to alter the pattern. I know a lot of Sanji cosplayers buy a suit jacket and alter it but I've decided to try making that and the shirt from scratch to challenge myself.

27 Dec 2013 - 14:33109853
What is it? Wolverine from X-Men
How is it going? I am planning out the items I need to make and have the base of the costume which is slightly see through so will need to work out what to wear under the costume!
When is it for? MCM Telford in Feb (and then other expos after that)
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Trying to work out how to make the claws

What is it? Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki
How is it going? I have only just started planning out what I need to sew and am looking online for a wig and whether I will wear contacts or not with it
When is it for? MCM London May
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Just drawing out the costume and planning out what type of weapon I would make to go with the costume!

30 Dec 2013 - 12:09109909
What is it? Ahri from League of Legends! Fanart version. ( cant find artist D: )

How is it going? I have just bought all materials, the expense is MADNESS but I'm going all out on this costume

When is it for? London Super Comic Con

16 Jan 2014 - 15:57110515
What is it? Tenno Armour from the game Warframe (if you know it)

How is it going? My first ever cosplay, going slow due to work plus the fact I'm new to this so could be painful

When is it for? I have no time frame for this, just taking my time with it, make sure its as good as I can do

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Not yet but got all the materials for it, will hopefully get a full weekend on it this week

20 Jan 2014 - 10:42110631
hi all i just started on a diablo 3 barbarian at the moment i am going for the axe it going faster then i imagined after that i will start on the costume but its a lot of fun if u want to see what i am doing visit my facebook


23 Jan 2014 - 05:37110715
What is it? Teepo (pre-timeskip jumpsuit) from Breath Of Fire 3

How is it going? Still planning right now, trying to figure out what materials to use where and how to accomplish some of the trickier bits.

When is it for? London MCM, May 2014. I'm even thinking of entering the Masquerade with him, which is amusing considering the mere thought of it makes me a little nervous.

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Nothing yet, though my sister jumped at the chance to help me make a duct-tape dummy. So, in the future, yeah. There's gonna be some hilarity.

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