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02 Mar 2013 - 17:2297917
What is it?: Sho Minamimoto from TWEWY

How is it going?: Easier than I expected. I thought his jacket would be a nightmare but... pretty easy.

When is it for?: London MCM Expo May 2013

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?: Figuring out how to do his tattoo.

04 Mar 2013 - 18:4598102
I'm making a Judge Dredd/YuGiOh crossover with some friends. Thanks to our schools tech block it should turn out great. Any suggestions about how to go about some things? Like making a Lawgiver Dual disk, the Utility belt, or where to get many black jackets and boiler suits on the cheap?


Can ya guess the theme yet?
09 Mar 2013 - 08:2998577
placing a photo
Hi hope you don't mind but i've aent you a message for some help on placing a picture underneath a write up on the forum, I would love to know how you do it.

Thanks from

Quote sjbonnar:
What is it? Totoro from My Neighbour Totoro
How is it going? Organising the frame. The problem is that I have no car, so it needs to be somewhat collapsable LOL
When is it for? Either London MCM Expo in May, Amecon in August or October Expo at latest!

What is it? Jon Talbain from Darkstalkers
How is it going? Planning how to combine a muscle-suit with a fur-suit LOL
When is it for? No idea...

What is it? Blanka from Street Fighter
How is it going? Body-Casting for a muscle-suit so far!
When is it for? London MCM Expo in May

Tracy The Pink Princess
09 Mar 2013 - 20:3198622
Remaking Padme's Picnic Dress from Star Wars
Padme Picnic dress re-make

I am re-making Padme's picnic dress and a new improved corset after 4 years I finally know how to make it better.
Though all the skirt and blouse has to have hand embroiered chain stitch on it all over with no gaps in the train, plus sewing on all these little butterfly shaped sequins.
I have to have it finsihed by 4th April for my costume exhibit, see my website for details:-


Only 4 weeks to go and I have half the skirt left to do, will I make it!!

Thanks form

Tracy The Pink Princess

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09 Mar 2013 - 23:3598640
What is it? Dranzer from Beyblade
How is it going? Alright I think! main body is done other than armour and currently working on wings and many feathers xD
When is it for? London MCM Expo in May

What is it? Driger from Beyblade
How is it going? Main suit is ready for many green stripes to be attached, Again more Armour needs to be made T^T
When is it for? London MCM Expo in May

11 Mar 2013 - 14:2898766
What is it?: MKIV Mjolnir armour Red SPartan (Halo 3), from EVA foam.

How is it going?: Now that I've figured out how to use the stuff to achieve the effects I want, pretty well. At least it was until we ran out of mats. Again.

When is it for?: London MCM Expo May 2013

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?: Trying on all the upper body armour parts with my new undersuit, and walking around the house like a boss.

12 Mar 2013 - 22:2798858
What is it? Alucard - Hellsing

How is it going? Its going great, just waiting for final bits to arrive so I can make any changes necessary.

When is it for? London expo in May (Saturday). Music festival in August as all my friends want to dress up.

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Pulling some fun poses and working out a realistic way to carry the guns (there very big)

13 Mar 2013 - 15:5298917
Now I can post...

What is it? Taric the Gem Knight from League of Legends - http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/costume/view/75430

How is it going? Rushing around like a headless chicken since I've been ill for a fair few days and got busy doing theatre work this week.

When is it for? Gemucon, or failing that spectacularly for any unforeseen reason, MCM May.

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Buying tons of stuff, and I mean tons of it, and seeing it slowly coming together.

The most fun was seeing how useful webbing is for my harness and what will be belt/behind the scenes straps for armor. Bugger me that stuff is amazing! Making gems in Sketchup 3D is also neat!

I will post lots of journal entries, I'm a stickler for that, and this is my first costume totally made by myself fully with nothing pre-brought - only bit I don't dare do is a full shoe, so I'll do a cover over some trainers which seems acceptable in all cases


13 Mar 2013 - 15:5798918
*takes deep breath*
What is it? Shiva Summon from Final Fantasy X/X-2 (≧▽≦)

How is it going? Slow and tedious as hell. T___T She is one of my dream cosplays and I want to make sure she is as good as my abilities will allow. So far, I am stuck handsewing sequins to a bra XD I'm looking forward to tackling that wig with my friend Alyx though

When is it for? London expo in May (Saturday) I hope.. o____0

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Not really at the moment. I'm just dealing with the small fiddly bits before I tackle DAT WIG which will be the most fun and most traumatising I think

13 Mar 2013 - 17:1298923
What is it?

Adam Jensen (without coat, or Uber hard to make augmented arms model)

How is it going?

Going well, got all the materials together and just starting to chip away at all the dog work before hitting up the details. Currently starting work on eva foam chest armour.

When is it for?

Either Eurogamer 2013 or MCM Oct 2013 or both..

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?

realising I should have bought a decent scalpel instead of my old leather man.. lesson learnt and earned in blood.. but trying on the armour template was cool

14 Mar 2013 - 04:1698965
What is it? Lancelot (Beserker)From Fate Zero
How is it going? Could be faster. Sword consumed more time than I'd thought, ordering the materials was a long process too. It's my first cosplay.
When is it for? MCM May 2013
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Making the chest armour piece was suprisingly fun, especially now that it's holding together and I can wear it. This is an older photo now, but this is what it looked like just yesterday.

16 Mar 2013 - 11:3499113
What is it? Eldar farseer warhammer 40k

how is it going? its going pretty well foam formed peices for all required parts

when is it for? im trying to get this all done for mcm london 13 but thats only 10 weeks away ahhh!

cant really think of anything fun about it except everything!

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16 Mar 2013 - 11:3699114
Currently trying to get everything together for FF7 Aerith to wear for GemuCon in three weeks time! *panics* xD


16 Mar 2013 - 12:0499115
Currently working on finishing Lara Reborn cosplay:

And Daenerys and her dragons, also for May Expo:

Other costumes being worked on in the background are another Game of Thrones cosplay:

And Samus Aran:

You can find my facebook page here :

19 Mar 2013 - 01:1599297
What is it?: Falborg (human) from Beyblade

How is it going?: Okay. So far I've made a dress, ordered the wig, and am now sewing the feathers on. Still quite a lot more to do though.

When is it for?: London MCM Expo May 2013

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?: Not yet but I'm sure I will when the wig arrives.

31 Mar 2013 - 16:31100167
What is it? Richard (Tales of Graces f).
How is it going? After a fair amount of issues, getting there now.
When is it for? London MCM Expo (May 2013) and Ayacon 2013.
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Wearing the wig and jacket, and finishing the boots.

What is it? Zagato (Magic Knight Rayearth).
How is it going? Slow and steady.
When is it for? London MCM Expo (May 2013) hopefully.
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Wearing both cloaks with the 5 inch wedge boots on for swishing with Raye-chan at my home.


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31 Mar 2013 - 18:06100170
What is it? ironman mark 6
How is it going? slow but its getting there just resining the armor now after hours an hours and hours and hours of fabrication lol
When is it for? mcm may expo 2013
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? helmet lol

i will never be a memorey
31 Mar 2013 - 18:13100171
What is it? Millennium Puzzle
How is it going? Almost complete *head desk*
When is it for? London MCM Expo (May 2014) ^^;
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Whole thing! im just abit too early in making it XD

31 Mar 2013 - 18:24100172
What is it? Booker DeWitt from Bioshock Infinite Outfit
How is it going? 60% of outfit done, gotta get 3 more parts then complete, cries at wallet...
When is it for? London MCM Expo (May 2013) ^^;
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Whole thing! and my Comissioner really suprised me with the design plans

31 Mar 2013 - 21:28100182
What is it? Steasmpunk Princess Bubblegum from adventure time
How is it going? Literally just started. I've ordered a corset and I'm currently sourcing material
When is it for? Manchester Expo 2013
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Hmm not really apart from just being excited about it!

31 Mar 2013 - 22:04100183
What is it? Syoaran from Tsubasa
How is it going? good at the moment ive ordered the trousers and ive made the top with some leftover fabric, ive just gotta buy the cape fabric and then get a mokona and some goggles
When is it for? idely for Manchester Expo 2013 but it will be done a lot sooner than thay (id say early May if i can get the materials soon)
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? none but im looking foreward to making the cape

31 Mar 2013 - 22:42100186
What is it?
Cahin the harlequin from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

How is it going?
Much better that I expected – I have never made a costume from scratch before and I don’t have a pre-made pattern but so far nearly everything that I have tried seems to have worked. It’s very challenging though and I am spending just as long thinking about how to make and attach each section as I am spending on physically making the costume

When is it for?
London MCM Expo May 2013. I should be able to achieve this although I may not be able to add all of the minor details that I was planning

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?
Trying on the mask/hat/jacket and then looking in the mirror and seeing the harlequin looking back at me

31 Mar 2013 - 23:55100193
What is it?
Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke
How is it going?
Ok, could be better could be waaaay worse!
When is it for?
Mononoke maybe CFCC and no date for Nausicaa yet (don't want to end up rushing it)!
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?
I'm working with plastiroc on a helm for Nausicaa which is quite fun, it's only the second time that I've worked with plastiroc so let's see how it goes!! Also I've bought face paint for Mononoke (for her 'curse mark' which should be fun to try out ^^

08 Apr 2013 - 14:03100572
What is it? Lucian from Lunar Knights

How is it going? Pretty well, actually. I need to make the coat still though, and the leg armour... And the head of Jormungandr.

When is it for? London MCM May Expo

Have there been any fun bits so far? Working out how to make armour, attempting to not melt the thin foam with a glue gun. I failed. Epicly. Also, trying to figure out the blue parts of the coat.

23 Apr 2013 - 19:23101460
What is it?: Aeon from Castlevania: Judgement

How's it going?: Although I managed to get a set of pants done, I wasn't entirely happy with them. So, with both time and money running pretty tight, I decided to use the back-up clothes (essentially buying Aeon's outfit ahead of time in case I wasn't proficient or quick enough to get it done myself... which I'm soooo not!) and, in doing so, vastly reduce my required workload - and the associated stress - for the next month.

Granted, this puts me out of the realm of eligibility for the Masquerade but, with my tendency to be gripped by stage fright, it's not as big a hit to my enjoyment plans. Besides, it's my first year doing this! Gotta work up to the big stuff.

So, after this choice, all I have to do now is finish off the boots, cut/sand the pieces for the sword (and fit them together) and get the accessories (chains and keyring) done.

When is it for?: London MCM (May 2013)

Any fun bits?: They're all to come, no doubt. ^_^

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