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11 Jul 2012 - 03:3587430
Quote grayskull8:
What is it? im doing Haseo from .hack//root g.u

How is it going? only planed it ^_^

When is it for? may expo and amecon 08

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?
not really

What is it? david bowie labyrith first costume he enters in

how is it going? still on planed it at this stage
I always jion cosplay show

when is it for? it will be for amecon ball and maby sunday as well dont know yet

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?
not really not really just planed

11 Jul 2012 - 17:0587461
I am working on:
Horus (Stargate):

Fiora Cavazza (ACB)

Amaterasu (human form)

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11 Jul 2012 - 17:1487462
am neary done with ran mouri from detective conan just need shoe


[url=http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/overview/haruhi suzumiya] [img]http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/files/cards/banner4
11 Jul 2012 - 23:1887475
What is it? Ten Years Later Lambo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn
How is it going? Well i'd say
When is it for? 13th August Cosplay Meet
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Shaping the horns :3

12 Jul 2012 - 09:4887479
Started making Kayle (league of legends) this week ^^ It's quite the project O_o I really want the zentai to arrive so I can paint it ><

19 Jul 2012 - 22:5587966
Working on Jareth from Labyrinth at the moment.
Is proving to be a pain as I'm trying to get all the details in!
I've loved making his cloak

25 Jul 2012 - 18:0388203
Megurine Luka
Im working on Megurine Luka right now
I made the headphones, her brass instrument looking thing that goes on her top but It needs a RE-PAINT
And her boots~ Just making the top and skirt at the moment ^^

27 Jul 2012 - 07:1688280
I am kinda working on two...


How is it going? for the Major not so well, I ran outa money and now I'm thinking about doing it without some parts (such as a biker jacket etc)plus I hand sew and the top is being a cow to get right. With Mononoke I am just remaking some ears so that's going fine ^^

When is it for? Both for Amecon (but I'm thinking of setting the Major back until Oct)

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Making leggings for the Major was quite fun, my friend pinned all of the material on me to get the shape of my legs

30 Jul 2012 - 02:2688375
What is it? Lulu from Final Fantasy X..it's insane.

How is it going? I'm about 98% complete. I have almost the whole dress complete except for some velcro to hold the dress/skirt thing to the belt skirt.

When is it for? a couple conventions coming up next year i hope lol.

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Um i wanna say painting all the details by hand was fun and making the corset for the first time. Very exciting ;3

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30 Jul 2012 - 06:0188380
What is it? Bahamut from FFX

How is it going? Going well, about 90-95% complete - I pretty much need to put the wings together and Im there!

When is it for? Amecon... in a few weeks...

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Its been fun clunking around in the stilts I'd say, its so surreal! Id also say painting the front wing piece as that came out beautifully, and also the head as I keep putting it on and going "yey, Im a dragon"
Most fun was putting the main costume on for the first time (minus the wings) just because you can see what all that effort was for!

30 Jul 2012 - 12:4188391
What is it?
Sailor Jupiter

How is it going?
Fuku is mostly done, got the skirt to shape and hem and got the sleeves to finish as well as putting the bows on. Gloves are going well too. Too bad the boots are gonna be the death of me as I cannot find a good pair ><

When is it for?
J-con \^.^/

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?
Making the leotard was surprisingly fun and easy to make ^^ and yay bows They were fun too


What is it?
Kairi from Kingdom hearts 2

How is it going?
Only just started the keyblade so still got the outfit to do

When is it for?
Gemucon if im going ^^

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?
Designing my first major prop for myself yaaay!!!

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05 Aug 2012 - 21:0288812
What is it?
Viola P1 Version from Soul Calibur V

How is it going?
I´m going to finish this in the next days

When is it for?
Gamescom 2012, saturday in Germany

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?
The costume isn´t easy because I made everything by myself
and I really need to finish it in time. But I have a lots of fun with making this costume because I love this character and I can´t wait to wear it.

18 Aug 2012 - 19:3789552
What is it? Faris (Amano/CGI version).
How is it going? Only just resumed construction, so not a great deal has been done just yet.
When is it for? London MCM Expo, October 2012 is the plan.
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Trying to figure out how to get the armour right...? -_-'

19 Aug 2012 - 00:3889559
Well, I have a few in the works:

BSAA Medic,
Frank West (Dr1 version)
Inquisitor (40k)

Erm..And down the pipeline:
Tyson Rios
Space Marine Scout
Bill (L4d)
Jet Black(Cowboy Bebop)

Alot huh? xD

19 Aug 2012 - 20:4689593
Working on the Shadow Beast Twilight Measenger from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, for MCM Expo October 2012

It's going really well so far, I have my base so it's just a case of working hard on it until October! Going to be in a awesome group and I anticipate to enter the masquerade with my costume on the Sunday ^^


01 Sep 2012 - 21:1490341

What is it? Dick Grayson as Robin from Young Justice
How is it going? So far, I've barely started. XD Last night I made a mask pattern from paper, and knew I had material for his cape/cloak, so I figured--what the hey.
When is it for? Nothing in particular, I don't make things for any one particular con.
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Well, all that's made is the pattern mask and about a million concept drawings, but man have I had fun doing it.

What is it? Husky/Prince Myrrh (non-underwater form) from +Anima
How is it going? I have the black undershirt and shorts, belt, boots, and naturally blue eyes. Still missing his blue vest and shorts, wig, pouch, and staff.
When is it for? Nothing in particular.
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? I'm trying to find a way to dye matching shorts and a vest, make matching ones, or buy 'em--all of it nearly impossible...but I'm learning a lot about dyes and waterproofed material.

What is it? Aoyagi Ritsuka (Casual wear) from Loveless
How is it going? So far I only need to pick what kind of clothing I'll be wearing with him, but I've got the general look down.
When is it for? Nothing in particular.
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? When I realized I had already purchased purple contacts, fangs, and electronic cat-ears? I was skyhigh.

What is it? Toboe (Human Form) from Wolf's Rain
How is it going? It's a pretty basic cosplay--I used to have the hair for it, but now I have to get a wig.
When is it for? Nothing in particular.
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? I'm gonna end up having fun making his bracelet--probably out of foam and metallic paint.

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01 Sep 2012 - 21:2090342
Bane and his Venom Tank XD

01 Sep 2012 - 21:4290346
literally just finished my lollipop chainsaw today ^.^ proud of myself for using lycra bleeeeh!

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05 Sep 2012 - 23:5490550
I've started working on a Gundam Astray costume, biggest project I've ever done. (cosplay noob)

Started work on the head, it's been tricky balancing the ability for me to squeeze my fat face inside against keeping the proportions of the costume relatively accurate/ nice lookin'.

I've given myself til Ayacon, but if I can get it done for any cons beforehand, then BONUS!

Fun bits so far? I'm pretending to be a robot!

08 Sep 2012 - 11:4790649
What is it? Zelda from Skyward Sword (her Skyloft outfit)

(Picture from DeviantArt, Skyward Sword: Skyloft Zelda Reference by *ShrubbyNerb)

How is it going? I've finished the circle belt, the little buckle-thing that goes on the leather belt, I've got the dress and started sewing on ribbon for the details, the harp needs to be painted, I have my boots, ordered the wig and tights and sorting out the make-up. I still need to buy ears, ribbon for the hair, a belt/leather for the belt, blue ribbon for the belt, a white sheet for the sailcloth, and blue fabric for the little tapestry that goes on Zelda's belt.

When is it for? Hyper Japan in November ^.^ I'll be going on the Saturday and hopefully entering the COSParade with my cosplay ^.^

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Probably stringing the harp. At first I was going to use elastic bands, and then I moved on to guitar strings (My brother plays guitar, and I make bracelets from his old strings, so I was going to use them) but they were too stiff. I ended up using jewellery wire ^.^ Another fun bit is trying to get the pattern right on the bottom of her dress. I'm using ribbon, an dit's really hard to get it to stay.


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09 Sep 2012 - 17:0390684
Started working on a natsu (from fairy tail) costume for london mcm expo (comic con). Its kinda silly that I started now, because I didn't realise that there were only 2 weeks left until the parade deadline. So far I've managed to find 2/3 of the parts for my costume online, so that I can modify stuff I find on ebay. Currently I'm just having a bit of trouble finding a similar jacket, loincloth, and sandals for me to modify. Wish me luck guys

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09 Sep 2012 - 17:4190685
What is it?
Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3
Paddra Nsu-Yeul from Final Fantasy XIII-2

How is it going?
Heather Mason is sloooooowly getting there.
I still need to buy the wig which is already picked I just gotta order it, Still looking for a damn Green denim skirt, NOWHERE SELLS THEM! Nowehere sells toy guns anymore either o.O
I have the boots, Ive made one prop which is a health drink but im still on the hunt for otehr things.
So yeah its becoming a bit annoying now.

Yeul is going to be started very soon, Ive chosen the wig, just got to order it, Gonna look at fabrics and stuff soon, Im really looking forward to this one!

When is it for?
Heather Mason is just for Halloween If I finish it in time, Might wear it to some Con/Expo but not sure which one yet.
Yeul is planned for Hyper Japan Christmas in November, not sure for definate that Im going but if I do go then Yeul is for that!

Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?

Planning stuff for Yeul, I like looking at possible ways to make/do some things.
Wig hunting has been fun, for both cosplays.
Making the Health drink was fun, but yeah, not whole lot of fun bits yet.

12 Sep 2012 - 20:5490814
Plans changed for expo as the shadow beast was becoming a more long term project.

I'm now working on Pascal from Tales of Graces f, an easier project that I can commit to better. Should be wearing her Saturday and Sunday of expo.


12 Sep 2012 - 21:0390815
What is it? Pirate!Seychelles from the Hetalia Halloween comic special in 2011 ^^
How is it going? I need everything! I'm buying the red jacket and making the rest of the clothing. I need a wig, eye patch, hook and cutlass =3
When is it for? Manchester MCM Expo 2013 =D
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Planning it out and waiting for the Expo... =)

What is it? Homura Akemi(Madoka Magica)
How is it going? I already have the whole costume, I wore it to the Manchester MCM Expo, but I'm improving it and need to buy a new wig
When is it for? PlayExpo in October
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far?
Doing the YMCA and Conga in my cosplay(and knotted up stupid wig...)

¡Viva España! XD

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13 Sep 2012 - 23:0590868
What is it? Rule 63 Avengers Assemble Loki
How is it going? Brilliantly! I am learning something new every day!
When is it for? MCM Expo
Any particularly fun bits you've had so far? Yeah, there's a 10 inch difference between my bust, waist and hips (36 over the fullest part of my bust, 26 inch waist, 36 inch hips) so I have curves where Tom Hiddleston doesn't I feel like I have been working on this leather corset/bustier for half my freaking life! I wish I was a boy, haha!

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