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28 May 2012 - 09:5484765
Pokeball Commissions
I made these for my Team Magma cosplay and was repeatedly asked where I had got them. I hadn't found anywhere to buy them so learnt to make them. I'm willing to commission them with negotiable prices for now.

These are attached to a belt with one being removable for photos and the others permanently attached. I can make them separate from the belt or with it. Please be aware that they are hand painted so there may be some differences between them. The ones pictured were my first attempt and I improved as I made them.

Please reply here or PM, I can do single ball commissions or sets e.g. 3, 6 etc. Discounts per pokeball are available for larger orders though prices are negotiable as i haven't done commissions before.

Edit - The photos have now been resized. I also wanted to add that I can also make other types of pokeballs, from greatballs to masterballs - even original designs!

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