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27 May 2012 - 14:4284719
Free Leeds Based Photographer Looking For Cosplayers
Hi all,

I've just started to take my photography out of the studio into on location settings and would like to work with cosplayers to create some fantastic pictures.

I'm free on weekends through to the end of the year, so just let me know when you're available and we can book a shoot

You can see my work and progress with my portfolio here: http://fancydressqueen.deviantart.com/

My time is free and all images will be provided for free after our shoot on a DVD for you to use however you like. I'm interested in building a diverse portfolio of pictures, not money at this stage.

Let me know if you have any cosplay costumes that you would like to be photographed and we can organise a shoot.


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07 Jul 2012 - 18:4887245
Hi ~
I'm a West Yorkshire-based cosplayer, and am part of a group. I know that photos are always handy to have XD (and I also know how crazily-priced professional photoshoots are!)

Having looked through your dA gallery I'm not sure if my or any of my friends costumes are what you would normally photograph...what kind of portfolio are you looking to build? Are you looking for a very wide range of cosplays, or are you going after a specific image?

I also have a range of Japanese Fashion outfits as well as more obvious costumes - however I'm assuming it's mainly the costume aspects that you're interested in?

(My deviantART is Http://sunflowerguardian.deviantart.com if you look at my gallery you'll see that I mainly do "crossplay" , there's also a photo of a typical lolita fashion outfit I own on there as well)

Do let me know what you're trying to get in terms of photography/portfolio-building so I can find out if what you're offering will be worthwhile on both ends ?

The images in your gallery suggest you're after a more feminine and mature look than the cosplays I own - so it may not be ideal XD but do let us know anyway ~

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dA: http://sunflowerguardian.deviantart.com
09 Jul 2012 - 20:4287351
Hey just wanted to say i really like your guy's portfolio's. What type of equipment do you use (camera, lenses) I am looking to get into photographing at local cons and need some tips. Was thinking of grabbing a camera off here they seem pretty cheap. Know any where else i can find cheap equipment, aside from wal mart or best buy

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