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16 Nov 2008 - 20:597640
Selling Long Blonde Wig
Hey I decided that I need a new wig for my Trish costume for various reasons so I'm selling my old one.

I'm pretty sure it's a http://www.cosworx.com/product.php?productid=16374&cat=2451&page=1in either Medium Blonde or Platinum Blonde.

It is now a little shorter than it was in the picture (it comes down to my hip) and has shorter bangs cut at the front around the shoulder area. It is also slightly tangled though I can try combing some of them out before sending. I am sure it can be restored to its old self with some care XD

Ideally I'd like £10 for it, but I'm really not to fussy so feel free to make me an offer.

If you're interested or want a picture PM me (there are no pictures of my Trish cosplay due to my un-photogenic-ness, but if you're interested I'll show you).


Curiosity killed the cat~
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