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16 Nov 2008 - 18:577638
Looking for a second hand long red wig
Okay, so I'll be making a Soul calibur 2 nightmare this year, so I was wondering if anyone had an old/tangled long red wig they're willing to part with?

I can buy a new one for about £35, but if anyone had an old one they're looking to get rid of, then it would make my hippy recycling self feel better.

16 Nov 2008 - 20:547641
i got a bright red one :3 all nicely tangled! also long but has abit of fringe

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16 Nov 2008 - 21:097642
That does not matter! It's just going to be mounted in the back of a helmet.

How much do you want for it, and how long is it?

16 Nov 2008 - 23:267646
ermmmm i cnt remember exactly but comes down to almost my butt :/ i know i ordered it from professional only on ebay


im sure it was this one and this length but obviously tangled from drunken birthday times

but a couple of quid?

17 Nov 2008 - 07:437656
That's perfect!

I live nearish to you don't I? Any way you want to arrange a meet up?

17 Nov 2008 - 09:227657

ermmmmmmmm, u going southampton anime society tonight? its at 6:30 at the su? they dont seem to check uni ids

if not i cud meet u in town or something im free all week

17 Nov 2008 - 14:277668
Yeah I'm going.

Should be interesting- I'll have some monies then!


17 Nov 2008 - 14:467669
Awesome! I'll see you there! and Chevi will bring the wig :3

Oki Doki Loki~
17 Nov 2008 - 22:417678
Thank youuuuu!

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