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17 May 2012 - 21:0184252
Homestuck/crossplay critique?
Hey! Trying to improve my cosplay/crossplay skills, and thought I'd ask for a little critique on my latest endeavor. I'm being Karkat from MSPA's Homestuck, and this is my result so far with full makeup:

I've cut the bangs since then, and they look pretty good. I don't have a pic of it though. The only full body pics I have are me without the makeup, so hopefully that'll do. Besides, I need to know how I've done on my crossplaying:

Aside from anything having to do with horns or hair (because I've fixed those since these pics), is there anything else I can work on? I wanna get this thing perfected! Thanks in advance. :3

22 May 2012 - 22:1584508
I think that one thing you could do would be his fangs, if you can. It'd just be a last finishing touch on a pretty good-looking costume!

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