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14 May 2012 - 17:0184025
New to Cosplay - Costume Help
I've been to a few anime conferences and conventions and always stand amazed at some of the costumes that walk by. When I went to comic con especially I was flabbergasted. Most recently, Ive fallen in love with some of the Avatar the Last Airbender costumes I seen and would like to try my hand at making one.

However, having never made a costume before and having only a rudimentary knowledge of sewing, I'm looking for some help. I went poking around and found this drawing, which I'd like to use as a reference for the costume.


I'm looking to keep it simple but good enough that I can feel proud of my first time.

Any advice is very welcome and appreciated.


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14 May 2012 - 21:5884057
I would probably do that by buying and dying/adapting the shirt and trousers, then making the top by adapting a tunic pattern.

I'm making cuffs for my Angela cosplay at the moment, so can offer a bit of advice on those if you need it. Not sure how clear my explanation would be, but can give it a go?


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15 May 2012 - 11:4584077
I would recommend getting one of those karate/ninja/martial art pattern pieces. It's best to try and get them from a local store that sells pattern pieces, as from the official UK website for them I had to wait 4 weeks.

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