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11 May 2012 - 05:4583845
Hair motifs and gradient dying

Well, I've been discussing with Catnip about doing an AKB0048 group. These characters, however, have a heart motif on their hair;

Is there anyway of replicating this?

Also, does any one know a cheap way of gradient dying a white wig? For Gintoki (rather learn how to do it for future wigs than buy it)

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11 May 2012 - 08:5483846
For the motif, I'd buy some EL wire and hide it under the hair a little. You can get little kits for a couple of quid in various colours.

11 May 2012 - 10:3683852
If you've got the time, the best way to do the wig would probably be using markers. I've coloured a few wigs with them- I like to use the Letraset markers as they have a broad nib at one end which makes it much easier. You can then go through the wig, starting by colouring a few strands where the gradient ends and doing more and more towards the bottom of the wig, possibly using another marker in a darker shade towards the bottom as well. You get a lot of control over the gradient that way.

Be warned though, it takes a LONG time, though it'll be a bit less as you're not colouring the full wig. Be prepared to spend a good 4 hours at least doing it, and you'll want to give it a good rinse at the end too to stop the ink from bleeding, though it's less of a concern with shorter wigs.

11 May 2012 - 14:2083862
If you don't want to use wire under the wig, you can always make a stencil of the shape and spray it on in a lighter colour? Even if you use one of those cheap 'hair colour sprays' from Boots or wherever or top-grade spraypaint, as long as it's hairsprayed afterwards it'll stay in place. I've seen people do wigs from Trapeze (Kuchuu Buranko) with hairspray or paint and that always seems to stay intact. It won't glow, but it'll give the right effect, and it might be a bit easier than hiding a battery pack!

For Gintoki, if you don't already have the wig (though I know you say you'd like to learn) there's a very nice pre-gradiented one from MoeMall on eBay here! Quite cheap as well. I've got the Amaimon wig from MoeMall/Lucaille, and the gradient flows quite nicely on mine. It's done in different layers so if you don't like how it flows you can always trim the layers down too.

If you've already got your wig though you can use spray dyes (FW Ink/Acrylic Ink mixed with rubbing alcohol) to do gradients, but depending on how you dry them it could run. I dyed an extension with a gradient when it was first sprayed, but the dye ran and covered a lot of the outside while it was drying. Inside looked lovely though! I can imagine it'd be much easier on a short wig. There are plenty of tutorials online to show how to dye wigs with Acrylic Ink if you want to try it.

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12 May 2012 - 22:0283923
If you decide to dye the gradient using Acrylic ink, I found that this tutorial worked fantastic for me: http://tothewigshop.blogspot.co.uk/2007/10/wig-dying-for-dummies.html

I experimented a little with the measurements given though (mainly because I wasn't 100% sure about what they were, haha) and found that 1 drop of ink per 1oz. of surgical spirit (with 8oz. total) worked best for me.

I think it’d work quite well for the gradient because it was quite easy to build up in layers, without changing colour too easily. The ink I mixed was only slightly darker than my wig as well so it blended in really well, though you might need to spray with the nozzle closer for the tips.

I wasted at least 8oz. when mixing though, haha, so I’d be careful with the colours. I think you’d only need 1 drop of your preferred blue (possibly even less depending on the shade) and 7 drops white to get the colour. c:

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