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11 Nov 2008 - 18:437572
im new to this
hii im new to making cosplays and i just wondered what material to use for this cosplay

thanks for the help

11 Nov 2008 - 19:007573
probably a good and simple cream poly cotton.... it's light enough to blow in the wind like that.

failing cream, get white poly-cotton and rub it in the dirt. *nod*

Amulet Dia - 100% Complete!
11 Nov 2008 - 19:357575
HAOOOOO! *fangirls*
For my cloak I used polycotton sheeting I think, I dunno I can't remember but I'm pretty sure it's polycotton sheeting because it's not all that see through but isn't as heavy as normal cotton.

Trouses and gloves were made out of polycotton and the gloves had iron on interfacing to make it nice and stiff so it stays up, works like a charm! If you want to save yourself the hassle though get stretchy material, it took me three tries to get the freakin' glove right, and it still looks shoddy LOL XD;

The braces were made from polycotton as well, I am a cheap stake yes. But you can thread wire into the hem so that it has a nice shape to it, stars were made from felt and belts, glove detail were made from craft foam with acrylic paint. Lego is paper mache, wooo! Earrings I'm gonna say use craft foam again or paper mache them and hook onto your ear with invisible thread [I don't have my ears pierces so I can't have proper earrings]

For my cosplay I didn't have time to finish the lego, braces and extra detail due to time. The points I mentioned were just the methods I was gonna use, the braces I have actually made though, just didn't have time to glue on the stars so I didn't attach them onto the costume cause they'd look weird without the stars on. For info on how I pieced it all together go on my costume page XD

Long post is loooong! But it's not as long as my costume description LOL
Goooood luck!! I look forward to seeing your Hao, please excuse me if I do a loud fangirl scream if I see you 8D;

11 Nov 2008 - 20:307577
thanks and if i hear you scream its ok ill just give you a hug haha

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