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06 May 2012 - 01:0083567
Need a commissioner with affordable prices! (ANYONE WELCOME QUQ)
I've been looking about and I decided to commission someone to make me a cosplay!

1. How to reach me: E-mail -
2. When you need the costume for: June 1st or June 12th

I need a good quality cosplay of Tenma Matsukaze from Inazuma Eleven GO! I just need the shirt, Shorts, and Socks. (Do not put his number on back of his shirt.) He is a VERY EASY cosplay so I my budget for him is between $25-$40 shipped.


- - - - - - -

Also, I was looking for someone who could make me Flandre Scarlet's costume from Touhou Project. I will pay between $40~$55 shipped for her cosplay.
(Everything needed except the wings, shoes, and wig)


Thanks in advance!
I am willing to work for negotiations.

06 May 2012 - 02:2483569
Ok - first off I'm not trying to be rude, but if you're located out of the UK those prices are.. well.. pretty low for commissions, especially with shipping included.

Shipping from the UK to the US will cost about £10 alone if it's on airmail for a costume in an envelope, since postage is pretty steep. Taking £10 off for postage alone even the upper limit on the Flandre costume it leaves around £25 for the whole costume made up and fabric here is usually around £3-£5 per metre. To make the hat, dress and bloomers, it'd probably cost the £25 alone for materials, nevermind labour costs, which I doubt any commissioner here will take on.

I don't mean to shoot you down but if you're in the US it's probably better to look at a US community or a larger community like Cosplay.com's marketplace, where postage will be cheaper and where fabric is a bit cheaper to find. At least then the cost for postage will be reduced, and there are many more commissioners in the US, too. It's always worth seeing if someone has a premade costume they've made for sale too, which is pretty common in the marketplace there.

Hope that helps a bit!

06 May 2012 - 15:2783575
You're kind of asking for a lot. $40 = under £25 and $55 = just above £35, and with shipping included?

Essentially, that boils down to slave labour. You're asking someone to make something without paying them. That amount just covers materials and shipping. And, in fact, in some places in the UK it wouldn't even cover that.

You need to find a more US based commissioner, or try ebay.

or, for Tenma, you could just go to a sports shop and buy a yellow polo and blue socks and shorts, then add the colour strips yourself.

Even for Flande; a puffball sleeve shirt, red vest top and red skirt, then a petticoat and maybe a mesh skirt to add poof. It's all buyable.

Ayacon Plans
06 May 2012 - 15:4183576
If the top costume is that easy, you should have a go at making it yourself.
Even if someone was to buy a polo shit and shorts and alter them, it would easilly cost £20. Postage would be about £10 at the very lowest, so it'd already be a loss on behalf of the commissioner.

I know I can't speak for others, but I find it a bit rude that you would suggest these are realistic prices - it implies that you think the commissioner's time, experience and effort is worthless. I notice you got one of the photos off've a site selling the costume - by and large, buying a costume from a site that makes them in batches, especially the ones based in China, is going to be a lot cheaper than getting a hand-made one-of-a-kind perfectly-fitted item from the UK or US.

I would follow NixieThePixie's advice and try to put them together yourself. If you're trying to cosplay on a budget, learn how to sew and make them yourself. You could easilly make the costumes within your budget.

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06 May 2012 - 23:4883597
Yikes~ Materials (that would actually work) alone would probably hit the lower offer. probably 8-10 hours fabrication time @ £8 an hour (which is really damn cheap for tailoring)... Your offer isn't going to get something "really good". My advice is either DIY, or offer more in line with the above.

07 May 2012 - 00:4583600

I don't think you'll find anyone to make these at these price. You are talking bespoke stuff, and not only is it the fabrication time, it's also pattern making and designing. If your budget is this low, I suggest you try to make it yourself? It's really rewarding!

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