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05 May 2012 - 19:1383545
2 months in Cardiff
Hey there =)

Maybe some of you can give me some advice/help me a bit - would be awesome

Together with my best friend I am going to stay in Cardiff from the 1st August to the 1st October. Problem is - we don't really know where we could stay during that time. Best would be a shared flat, for we do have to make some sort of intercultural experience during our time abroad - so we do have to ensure that we speak english and are in contact with the citizens

Do you know of any reagions/areas in Cardiff where we really should not stay? Or maybe you have some idea where we can find a room for us two (we really don't need much space, are non-smokers, animal lovers, cosplayers and overall really nice girls )? I already found some pages where you can find appartments and such things, but I thought I could as well ask here =)

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06 May 2012 - 20:5783592
I would love to offer up rooms for you, but I only have room for one person, unfortunately

How much are you looking to spend including bills? Are you OK sharing a kitchen/bathroom with other people?

Student halls are usually let out during the summer period to people such as yourselves, and there are a LOT in Cardiff (pretty much the entire Cathays area is student residences, but some are a lot nicer than others).

If you give me some more info I can find some options for you

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