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09 Nov 2008 - 10:377533
Have you ever...(this is lols)
Stumbled upon a old cosplay and wondered if it still fitted?
That's what I did today!
Stumbled upon my <u>Minamicon 10</u> cosplay whilst cleaning my room, nearly 5 years old! It was my first ever cosplay, and I wore it when I was 10, not that I actually look 10.

And then I tried it on, and it still fitted!

Go on, go undig those old costumes and see if they fit! It's lols!

Ps: excuse hair, I'm wearing a wig toddayys lolz So i didn't bother with it.

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09 Nov 2008 - 10:437534
Thankfully, my older costumes are a little too big for me now. Believe it or not, this is me AFTER weight loss LMAO

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