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29 Apr 2012 - 05:5683210
Hat/Visor Help
Good evening, first time making a costume here.

I went pretty ambitious and chose Veigar from league of Legends as my first costume.


I'm having trouble with his hat, though. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the top poofed part flexible and strong enough, but not as heavy as to pull it off my head? I had already sprayed out the basic shape in expanding foam, but I think it will be too weak to support itself and too heavy to stay on my head.

I am also wondering how I can make a stable brim and collar that will not wilt in hot sunlight. Would simple cardboard be a good idea?

Thank you in advance for the advice.

29 Apr 2012 - 11:5183217
Use a witches hat as a base and build around it. It'll keep it's strength and not risk wilting as it has a wire brim. It'll also have more durability than cardboard.

For the plume, I personally would just make the right sleeve shape and stuff it with either lightweight material or light wadding. If you make it tight enough, it should hold itself up - hey, Gyarados fins stayed up with that method - http://cosplayisland.com/costume/view/47050

Another method you could do is to make a wire frame and cover it with material. I don't know how well that could work, but it'll be more set in that shape.

Do you know how you're doing the dark face yet? If not, you can either use a black full face balaclava you can see though and sew eyes on, or make one out of layers of black mesh. My friend used the second method for Vivi - the Black Mage from Final Fantasy IX (very similar designs)

Ayacon Plans

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30 Apr 2012 - 22:2483314
Personally I would go with a chicken wire base, then cover with duct tape and finally cover in material!

This is the method I used for this hat worn by the lovely Zelda :


With chicken wire its good at holding its shape,easy to work with and reasonably light weight ^^

03 May 2012 - 06:1083446
Thank you so much for the chicken wire suggestion!

Its holding its shape quite well; I just need to get some more duct tape to finish it up. :3

I ended up having to layer the front part of the brim to counter-balance the heaviness of the long plume, so its a little heavy, but it certainly isn't unbearable.

And I did use an actual hat as a base! It just so happened to be a faux fedora from the costume shop. The witch hats at the shop were pathetically flimsy and sad-looking. :<

11 May 2012 - 00:5983842
I've a little stuck a again, I'm afraid. I've gotten the gloves mostly done, I just need to cover them in Wonderflex and paint them.

However, while the fingers are mostly immobile and should not give me much trouble, I am wondering what to do for the soft parts and moving joints on the gloves. I imagine Wonderflex isn't that mobile... I currently have them covered in duct tape, but it doesn't look like a finished surface at all. Should I look in to getting some silver felt to cover those parts? They're supposed to be metallic-like...

I'm at quite a loss again! :<

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