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25 Apr 2012 - 19:5183042
The Elements - October Expo 2012.
I came up with the idea sometime last year to do Fire from the Elements and since then a couple of people have said they wanted to join in and do their own varient. So I thought I'd put this on here to see if anyone else wanted to join in!

All I know is that it's for October Expo 2012 and possibly on the Sunday. However, I'm not sure of the days quite yet.

So far we have:

Fire: DuskatNight
Water: FusionRose
Lightning: NachtAngel
Earth: BabemRose
Air: Phee
Metal: Eltia's Friend
Spirit: Eltia

If anyone wants to add another element, or double as a certain one that'll be fine. But if people want to go in the Masquerade with these, then it'll be first come first serve.

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