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23 Apr 2012 - 17:2282907
Homestuck Meet - LONDON MCM, MAY 2012.
Hello guys!

I figured that I'd post up about the Homestuck meet-up here too for those that haven't seen it on the MCM Expo forums. I'm not organising it, but thought I'd see if there were any Homestuckers on here too!

(Link to MCM thread here: http://www.mcmexpogroup.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=405&t=17675)


Event Details:

Photoshoot: The photoshoot will be held between 1pm and 2pm each day with an hour window so that people who have other meets to attend can go to those but still have their pictures taken. During the photoshoot there will be a designated Supervised Bag Drop area so people have somewhere safe to leave their stuff. Most likely the shoot will happen down on the grass square, by the river, unless john's doing the windy thing or it's pouring with rain, in which case it will happen inside in one of the large alcoves (we won't know which one has space until the day) and I will make sure there are a couple of Homestuckers waiting inside the doors to point people in the right direction.

As well as the photoshoot there will be a picnic! People are more than welcome to just hang around for the afternoon with us, and I'll try and think of plenty of things for everyone to do!

For the picnic, instead of one person buying all the food, to spread the costs everyone would bring about £1-2 worth of food to share amongst the PicnicStuckers, whatever you felt like bringing (crisps, cakes, sweets, drinks etc).

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