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06 Nov 2008 - 00:437465
Pokemon Snap group
Hey all

So I've been chatting to our Hexi about our mutual love for Pokemon Snap and then it hit us - Pokemon Snap cosplay!

I'm going to work on a cosplay of Todd Snap and Hexi is thinking of either Professor Oak or Ballon Pikachu. We are thinking of doing it next May Expo.

Are there going to be many people cosplaying as Pokemon? We need some to take pictures and throw apples at! Mangachild expressed interest in a Psyduck cosplay and it would be quality if we could get all the special Pikachus that pop up throughout the game!

What do y'all think?

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06 Nov 2008 - 08:377466
^_^ so the other special pikachus would be:

surf pikachu
pikachu on a stump
pikachu on a ball
speed pikachu

Amulet Dia - 100% Complete!
06 Nov 2008 - 16:237482
im definatly wearing my pikachu cosplay in may!


The Atwill Sisters
06 Nov 2008 - 17:297483
Well my Pokemon Special group will be in May so would be epic to do pics together =3

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06 Nov 2008 - 18:197485
Awesome! Should be a lot of fun trying to get pics of Pokemon hiding ^^

If possible I may attempt to make the vechile Todd uses in the game, if I can transport it up to London

06 Nov 2008 - 18:517487
Would be interesting, though I dont know what Id cosplay.

Plus I never really done stuff like fur-suits yet, so this would be difficult for me

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06 Nov 2008 - 19:227489
it'll be on the sunday me thinks..... ^_^

Amulet Dia - 100% Complete!
09 Nov 2008 - 22:367547
im gonna be a pokemon with my sister! im not sure what yet though. maybe squirtle or jolteon or pichu, i dont know there's too many to choose from!!!

09 Nov 2008 - 23:007548
AWWWWW Pokemon Snap group!! I loved that game! 8D It was one of my favourite N64 games, I need need need a group picture of you guys!
I want to join in but I'm already booked ;_; Seriously though I MUST get a picture with you guys, it's gonna be so cool 8D [Someone cosplay as Snorlax! Yeaaaah!!]

10 Nov 2008 - 17:577551
In the words of Professor Oak - 'wonderful!'

Its cool to see people liking the idea - if we could get all the Pokemon that are in Pokemon Snap that would amazing

And yes - Snorlax for the win! I think I might be able to tempt someone to do that one.....

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