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20 Apr 2012 - 16:1382661
Wing Material Help!
I'm planning on making this for some time next year:

I'm just a bit stuck as to what to use for a base material for the wings themselves. I have a rough idea of what I can use for the metal bits ontop of the base but just need ideas for the base itself! Obviously it'll be attached to a harness of some sort and ideally I'd prefer the base not to be too heavy and the other materials will probs end up weighing them down a bit ><
Thought about upholstery foam but not sure if this would be easy to glue onto or attach onto a harness?

Any help would be much appreciated ^_^

20 Apr 2012 - 17:3082664
Don't know if this will be any help but here goes.I made giant wings for fairytails' Erza armor. For the base i used foamboard and renforced area's (such as where the harness joined to it) with plastic canrvas using contact adhesive.For actual wing shape took some foam mats (thick ones work better) then covered with liquid latex mixed with aciylic paint. I personally like the latex way better over pvp glue + foam tech. cos it felt stronger to me(and it took the masses of ppl walking into them all day.)

Somethings to note with foamboard; have a sharpe knife handy and foamboard doesn't like to be bent too much but i found it onces the foam and carnvas are on it's won't be bend (and my spell sucks )

Hope this is helpful and gives to an idea happy wing building.


20 Apr 2012 - 17:3482665
Hey! Firstly, that character is awesome, good luck.

Now onto business You could make the wings out of something like Eva foam It's pretty lightweight but also fairly stiff so may only need a little re-enforcement, if any. I would think upholstery foam would be too floppy unless you wrapped it in paper mache or something similar which could add a bit of weight. There's also expanding foam but I'd imagine you would need a lot to do the big wings.
you could also use something like chicken wire to get the shape of the wings, and cover it in paper mache to allow you to paint it and to strengthen it.

I was planning to do some big wings for one of my cosplays in the future and I was going to use EVA foam as I had 8 x 1cm x 60cm x 60cm Eva foam tiles in a pack and they really didn't weigh that much and it's easy enough to work with using a sharp knife, a dremel and a heat gun.

Hope some of those suggestions help.

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