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20 Apr 2012 - 15:4082658
FS: My MANGA leftovers cheap and an ebay link
I'm selling a box of christmas LUSH products and a wig over on ebay:


And Listed here are the remnants of my manga collection.

About me:

I live in a non smoking, pet free home (I have a hamster, but she's never anywhere near my stuff)

I am located in the United Kingdom and would prefer UK buyers but international are welcome.

I accept Paypal only, for UK and the rest of the world and I DO NOT charge paypal fees (it's against paypals ToS to do so)

Please PM ME if you are interested, rather than respond here as I don't always see responses to threads but I DO get alerts for PM's.

I will only hold an item for a maximum of 1 week, I'm sorry but I've been messed about in the past with people asking me to hold items and then never paying or responding to messages.

I WILL NOT accept trades at this time.


1: Vol 1 of Paradise kiss
2: Vol 3 of paradise kiss
3: Vol 3 of Full Metal Alchemist
4: Vol 4 of Full Metal Alchemist
5: Vol 5 of full metal alchemist
6: Vol 1 of D Gray-Man
7: Vol 1 of Beauty Pop
8: Vol 1 of Godchild
9: Vol 1 of Trinity Blood
10: Vol 1 of Black Cat

£2.00 for 1 manga
£1.95 for postage and packaging. Add 50p for additional manga ONLY up to 3 manga in 1 package.

For packages larger than 3 manga a flat rate of £5.00 postage will be charged and the method of postage will be the best available for that price.

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31 May 2012 - 18:5185112
Bumping due to change of thread content.

Manga available for cheap and a link to my ebay sales for 1 wig and a box of christmas lush products.

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