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15 Apr 2012 - 19:3482333
Curling Wigs (Pinkie Pie cosplay)
First off sorry if this has been asked over and over again, but I'm having a bit of trouble finding a decent wig for my Pinkie Pie cosplay.
All the ones I've seen are either not the right pink, not curly enough or ridiculously expensive!

I was just curious if anyone could give me some advice on curling wigs? I'm going for super springy curls so I was wondering whether perm rods and quickly dipping the wig in boiling would work? Obviously I want to avoid completely frying my wig!

The two base wigs I'm toying between are:



as you can you see they're both very long wigs so I imagine they'll take a lot of curling D:

If anyone could help me out I'd be most grateful!


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