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15 Apr 2012 - 17:0282322
Massive Clearout! CHEAP! DVDs! Manga! Anime! Costumes! Games! And more!
In order to afford my new cosplays, I'll be selling a lot of my stuff!

If you guys are attending the London MCM Expo this May, I can give you the stuff on the spot as I'll be there all weekend!

If not, and you live in the London area I am willing to travel to deliver it to you. If you don't live near by, message me and I'll sort out prices and arrangements.

I am willing to haggle.

Edit: Added How To Draw Manga books

Edit: Added mixed imports from Japan, more DVDs and games and CDs.

Princess Tutu Cosplay £30-40

Hardly worn. Size 6-8. Slight mark on dress, but can be easily washed off.

- Dress
- Tutu
- Headband
- Sleeves
- Wings

Bollywood/Indian style shirt and matching scarf £5

Hardly worn. Size 6-8

Vintage Flapper Dress £15

Hardly worn. Straps have been adjusted slightly, so is do-able to adjust to your liking. Size 8-10

Pink sakura Yukata £20 Reserved for Haruhi Suzumiya, Akion in queue

Never worn. Imported from Japan. (My dad goes often, so I know for a fact he bought this there!)

Under obi sashes
Pre-tied obi

For an extra £7 a pair of wooden imported geta. Size 3-4 - Reserved for Kei Lin Sama (SOLD)


Dark Blue Wig, not styled, mid-length. £7 - Reserved for doctor23
Worn once.

Light Pink Wig, not styled, mid-length. £7
Worn once.


Black Trainer/Converse Heels £8

Hardly worn. Size 4

Brown studded ankle boots £8

Hardly worn. Size 5.

Pikachu Slippers £10

Hardly worn. Fits up to size 7-8


Mar Vol.2 - £3
Miki Falls Vol. 1 - £2
Your and My Secret Vol.1 - £3
Koihime Soushi - £3
Broken Angels Vol.1 - £2
One Piece Vol.6 - £3
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol.1 - £1 (Ripped cover)- Reserved for Dan-Dan
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol.2 - £2 ^^
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Whole series £10(Volumes 1 and 5 are somewhere else in my room, but I have them!) Individual volumes are £3. - Reserved for Yuki-Kiba-Chan, Ichigo Chan in queue. (SOLD)
Tokyo Mew Mew Vol.1-4 £6. Individual volumes £2. - Reserved for Kisuka. abacinatedCabas in queue. (S0LD)
Fruits Basket Banquet £3
Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition 1,4 and 5 (Not pictured) £9
Fruits Basket Vol.3 £3 (Not pictured)


The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake - £3
Room - £3

All How to draw books are £6

DVDs and Games

Romeo and Juliet - £3
The Ramen Girl - £3
500 Days of Summer - £3
Storm Hawks - £3
Negima!? Spring and Summer specials - £5
Negima!? Episodes 1-13 - £5
Sailor Moon Episodes 1-6 & Sailor Moon Episode 7-12 - £4 each - Reserved for MissBeccaVamp
Heat Guy Vol.1 - £3
Kiddy Grade Lies Beneath - £3
Tetsujin 28 Vol.1 - £3

X-Blades - £2 - Reserved.
Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition PC - £7
Dragon Age II PC - £5
Dragon Age II Xbox 360 - £8
Beautiful Katamari Xbox 360- £5
Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Gamecube - £10

Note that these CD covers are in not great condition. The CDs are also okay quality but not great either.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Soundtrack 1 - £13
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure Soundtrack 1 - £13
Chobits OST 2 - £12

Imported items from Japan:

One Piece Chocolate Collection - £3
K-ON! Chocolate Collection - £3
Hello Kitty Evian Water Keyrings - £2 for the lot - Taken by Neko Sora
Bear Keyring - £1


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15 Apr 2012 - 18:0182324
interested in the hello kitty keychains. would it be okay to pick up from london expo??

"Join the Sora Abuse Awareness Charity Today and protect Sora from Fangirls and other's who wish to abuse him, with a dontation of only £1 we can protect Sora so that he can protect us all from the Heartless"
15 Apr 2012 - 18:1182325
Sure thing! That's fine!

15 Apr 2012 - 18:2782326
brilliant I'm only there on the saturday but I'll find you

"Join the Sora Abuse Awareness Charity Today and protect Sora from Fangirls and other's who wish to abuse him, with a dontation of only £1 we can protect Sora so that he can protect us all from the Heartless"
16 Apr 2012 - 15:3482348
heya im intrested in the mermaid melody mangas whole set ^^
Could i also pic up from you at expo? xxxx
i will be there all weekend, if thats okay, ill PM you my phone number

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16 Apr 2012 - 19:5682365
Yes ^_^ That's fine! I'll give you my number too so we can arrange times for you to collect them

16 Apr 2012 - 20:2182366
interested in the haruhi manga
how much is postage for the 2 books

16 Apr 2012 - 21:1982372
pm'd you

16 Apr 2012 - 21:3182373
I am interested in the Tokyo Mew Mew Manga. Please PM me if you haven't already sold them.

17 Apr 2012 - 00:3582379
If Yuki-Kiba-Chan changes her mind on the Mermaid Melody mangas, can you put them on hold for me next?

17 Apr 2012 - 10:3582386
hi am interested in the Pink sakura Yukata an a size 12 do u think it be ok for me and could u hold it for me till next mon


[url=http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/overview/haruhi suzumiya] [img]http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/files/cards/banner4
17 Apr 2012 - 22:4682424
Haruhi Suzumiya: No one has claimed the Yukata yet, so I can put it on hold for you ^_^

Ichigo-chan: I shall do so!

Kisuka: PM'd!

Dan-Dan: I shall have to check at the post office first, but I shall tell you once I find out ^_^

18 Apr 2012 - 10:2982442
ok thank u i can pay for it next week i have a cosplay party happening on fri so need money for it thank u for putting it on hold


[url=http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/overview/haruhi suzumiya] [img]http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/files/cards/banner4
21 Apr 2012 - 16:0582736

21 Apr 2012 - 18:4782751
You're selling Beautiful Katamari? For £5? Ummmm...All I'll say is take a look at ebay for a better price It should go for ATLEAST £10 as the minimum I can see on ebay is £15

24 Apr 2012 - 06:4182929
Hey, if the sale of the Yutaka falls through, I'd gladly pick it up - for the obi alone! xD

28 Apr 2012 - 00:5683174
MasterJh117: I wanted to put a relatively cheap price, as I'm not sure how much people are willing to pay >_< I just wanted a general idea, I'm welcome to any offers

Akion: I shall put you in queue for the Yukata.

Just a note to everyone, if you are attending the Expo, I will bring the items with me so you can pick them up. If you are only there for one day, I'll leave the items in a bag in storage so I can give to you in the hall, or if you are there at the weekend I can give you my number and we can figure out a way to collect it.

28 Apr 2012 - 21:2283197
unfortunatly im not attending expo but im still interested in the haruhi manga though


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29 Apr 2012 - 00:2883204
Thats fine ^^ The shipping will cost around 2-3 quid I think, I need to double check

30 Apr 2012 - 19:1983302
ok cool pm me when u have found out full costs and that

30 Apr 2012 - 19:4183303
can i have the dark blue wig please and i be at expo on saturday

03 May 2012 - 18:2983474
Yep! I shall reserve the wig for you! ^_^

04 May 2012 - 23:4683528
Okay, if the Tokyo Mew Mew books reservation falls through, could I be put on the list? I'll be at the Expo on the Saturday, just for reference. c:

"She was batting her eyes in a way that she probably thought was highly seductive, but actually just looked like she was trying to pilot a yacht with her eyelashes."
05 May 2012 - 20:5983551
I'm interested in the Sailor Moon DVDs if you haven't already sold them ^^

06 May 2012 - 23:4983598
abacinatedCabas: Yes! I shall put you in reserve! ^_^

MissBeccaVamp: Sure thing! They haven't been sold yet

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