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13 Apr 2012 - 22:3082304
MCM May Expo Photoshoots
Hey guys

I've been a Photographer for a while now, and I am finishing my 2nd Year of Photography at Uni this year too. Be going into my 3rd Year.

I will be at London Expo all weekend in May and I shall be offering shoots if anyone is interested for only £12.50 for just over an hour. You'll get a CD of your photographs sent to you after the weekend with all your images on, and will have an hour maybe a little longer if interested.

I will also be available to do shoots when it gets darker as I shall be taking my tripod which shall make it easier to get shots. These evening shoots shall be longer due to the time it takes to take the images. You will have full use of them once edited.

If anyone is interested message me and I shall send you a link to some of my work, and also to arrange times or if you need any more information.

Thanks for Reading.

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