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10 Apr 2012 - 16:2082144
Kitacon preparations - Supermarkets near the Metropole?
Hey everyone,

So I'm looking for advice on supermarkets to pick up food supplies in birmingham. Last time at Kita, my friends and I were skipping meals because the dinner room was either packed full of people or was unappetising

We'll be arriving at the venue thursday afternoon and don't know the area at all ^^"


10 Apr 2012 - 17:1682148
I had the same problem last year too and only managed to eat once in the food court during the entire weekend >.> No way im skipping meals again during a con.

The NEC was ok. Had a Subways, buffets and a few other places to eat. My subcard is so gonna be happy

Ill ask around for other places ^^

I heard that there is a asda within driving distance there on the Kita forums.

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10 Apr 2012 - 17:3582152
Quote Aerblade:
My subcard is so gonna be happy

No it wont, they don't accept Subcard.

Nearby, there is a Dominos Pizza though.

Supermarkets are quite far away, it may be easier if you buy a pack of something like pot noodles, then use a room kettle to have a snack. Or bring snacky foods.

EDIT: In the train station, there is food, but it's not open a lot of the time. Also, it's ridiculously higher prices cause of it's location.

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10 Apr 2012 - 19:2182160
Yeah, my friends and I also learnt the hard way - we ended up stuffing ourselves at breakfast and hoping to last the day! We never ate in the food court, because by the time a panel/event ended, the hot food had gone We lucked out when a friend found £20 on the floor after the last party and blew it all on chips because we were that starving!

This time we're bringing various pot noodle-y type things for the hotel room - anything that can be made with just boiling water! We also do a pre con shop - things like biscuits, cheese sticks and crisps can be life-savers to just pop in a bag for when your at a con.

There is a burger king if you take the monorail towards the airport, and I hear you can take a bus into town where there is a tesco express I think. Things like the frankie and benny's and wetherspoons open at stupid times, so they're not really worth mentioning.


10 Apr 2012 - 19:4282161
Quote Aerblade:
I heard that there is a asda within driving distance there on the Kita forums.

there is an asda in a small area called chemsley wood its big enough to have everything that u want and it also has a mcdonalds and a chippy but the area isnt a nice place as it is quite rough (i live in this area) so going in cosplay is not reccomended

other than that the birmingham area is quite nice for food and all that

11 Apr 2012 - 06:3882174
Unfortunately, there doesnt seem much around the NEC itself.

You have the handful of stores at the station itself. And by the exit leading to the hilton, there is another newsagents, next to a weatherspoons pub.

If you dont mind a little more distance, you can get the tram from the train-station to the airport, which has a few extra places to eat.

Apart from that, it may be a good idea to make a quick journey into birmingham-town (About a 10 minute train journey) where you have a tescos and a sainsburys that are both a short walk away.

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11 Apr 2012 - 07:1682175
I usually make a run to the Chemsley wood Asda, it's about 5-10 minutes in the car.

I usually say to anyone that if they're properly desperate then hitch a ride.

11 Apr 2012 - 09:0282182
Thanks for the replies everyone, this helps a lot. Looks like I'll need to pack foodstuffs to last us the weekend since we're travelling down via train and I'm a bit directionally challenged so will end up hopelessly lost x'D

Think there's a wee shop in the NEC that I went to last time, so that'll be good too

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