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01 Nov 2008 - 19:317395
Loveless Costume Help
I am planning a Ritsuka cosplay for the near future and needed some advice, as I am unsure how to wear the collar and chains. Should the collar be attached by chains to my wrists? Should I be chained to my Soubi?
I am struggling to find any reference pictures that show how the chains are worn and wondered what other people have done in the past.
Any advice would be appreciated!

01 Nov 2008 - 20:087396
i did a ritsu cospaly x
*shakes head in shame of the first attempt*
but for the chains, i kinda changed it about a bit now, but i got a single chain dog lead, cut the end of and then attached 2 choker chains to the end ring of the leash using a old clip of another dog lead [dont ask why these hang around my house] and then thread the end of each choker to a cat collor and then use some felt/ pleather and make a like wrist band which the cat coller can fit into ^_^

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