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29 Oct 2008 - 10:497313
cosplay at the beach (so what if its cold?)
For those of you who are either to young to go to the cosplay ball or just cant go, come to the beach instead!

so i know quite a few of you seem to live quite far inland so the beach is kinda different from the usual park. so if your interested say and we can figure out a time and where and such.

29 Oct 2008 - 15:297318
This sounds like an interesting idea, I'd be up for it!

29 Oct 2008 - 16:387322
yay one person is interested!

now we must find more people...

29 Oct 2008 - 17:167324
We could try and generate interest on the MCM boards...

29 Oct 2008 - 17:497325
that we could but maybe find out the where (which beach/town) and when first?

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