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25 Mar 2012 - 00:3281371
Selling: Sandy Blonde Wavy wig and Sebastian nendoroid
Selling bits and bobs in an attempt to raise money for this MCM Expo. Prices are not set in stone; feel free to make offers since in the end this stuff has to go! Might add more if I can't shift any more items.

Golden Blonde wig £12 + £3 postage
This is by far, the nicest wig I have ever owned. It does NOT tangle, or when it does, it brushes out like a dream. It feels just like real hair and is very VERY soft! You can brush out the curls for a wavy look, or if you want the curly style back, just give it a nice wash and the curls snap back!

Sebastian Nendoroid £10 + £3 postage
That lovable butler in chibi form! Comes with all the accessories/pieces pictured. However does not come in the original box but it will be well packaged when posted. One of the faces has a bit of discoloration from sun exposure however I think it makes it look better since sebastian has pale skin anyway and is hardly noticeable! However his accessories are at my home address (currently at uni) but I will be home this coming Friday so all is well!

25 Apr 2012 - 19:2383044
Hullo! I'm interested in the blonde wig if it's still available Will PM you about it!

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