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23 Mar 2012 - 12:0281313
Cosplay Masterpieces in "normal" situations
Has anyone here worn one of their cosplays that has had the most work put into it, or your most unusual to something like a fancy dress party or a club theme night instead of a con. And what are some of the comments you have had ???

25 Mar 2012 - 23:1781425
I've worn cosplay to college? I've just had the usual comments haha "Freak" "What you wearin" "Get some normal clothes" etc


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26 Mar 2012 - 09:2381445
ive worn one of my cosplay's round town xD got way to many dirty looks at me (example why newport is shit) to many chavs >.<

26 Mar 2012 - 11:0681449
I cosplayed to a non-uniform day at my school for charity. :3
I actually got quite a lot of comments, which surprised me... Most of the students said it was cute, and.. well, I'mma nerd, all the teachers flippin' loved it. ;D

Of course, there's always gonna be some idiot who just can't actually appreciate the fact that not everyone in the world thinks the same as them. But I gloss over 'em. It ain't me with the problem. ^^

But yeah, that's the only time I've ever done it.. :C
I kinda get awkward and conscious about cosplaying solo.. x3

03 Apr 2012 - 04:1581772
In the past I've worn a bit out into London but it's just not something I'm comfortable doing anymore, which I suppose is sad, confidence drop and all. But I suppose it makes me more likely to be accepted as a normal boring human and not killed so I guess that's good xD

03 Apr 2012 - 07:4181774
I've put a massive amount of work into the cosplays that I do such as my darker than black one, only to have showcased it on a cosplay club night.

I guess it's simply coincidence that a particular cosplay took so much effort to wear on that occasion.

03 Apr 2012 - 10:3781780
i wore my really rubbish bleach cosplay to a beaver scout halloween night and everyone said that i look like a nun

03 Apr 2012 - 13:3981788
I went around town dressed as Reno before Waterstones Recon. I got a "Hey Reno, where's Rude, man?" which made me laugh. Did not get a single nasty comment, despite the horrible wig lol

I wore my Loz costume to College on Children in Need, complete with cupcake pinny as I was doing a bake sale to raise money. A lot of people donated just cause I was wearing make leather, but only a few people realised what I was from.

What I took away from that was to do more 10p brownies. I thought they were really really bad, but with 30 mins we had NONE left.

And my friends wore their Sora and Riku costumes to do some filming for film studies. We had a group of chavs come up to us, and we were like "oh no..." and they were just like "Hey, do you need Mickey or Donald Duck? We can help! Just be human version though" People can be really surprising.

None were cosplay masterpieces though.

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03 Apr 2012 - 13:5581790
I don't tend to wear cosplay in what would be deemed a normal situation. If its for a cosplay event, sure, but otherwise I just wouldnt feel comfortable doing it.

When it was nice and sunny last week though I tried on a new top and had my short skirt with leggings. The shirt though looked a lot like the shirt Serah Farron wears in the first FF13 game, so I pulled out the chiffon jackety bit from my costume and wore that over the top of it and went shopping. I also popped the boots on to match. No one noticed or stared so I felt completely comfortable!

27 Apr 2012 - 11:4283137
Quote NixieThePixie:
I went around town dressed as Reno before Waterstones Recon. I got a "Hey Reno, where's Rude, man?" which made me laugh. Did not get a single nasty comment, despite the horrible wig lol

I wore my Garterbelt costume at the last Norwich Waterstones Recon, and between the shop and the carpark going home I was stopped by four lads on a night out, who first tried to get me to come clubbing with them, and then when I said I couldn't (work in the morning and people to take home) they refused to leave until I'd "blessed" them

If it's finished in time I hope to wear my Queen Chrysalis costume to either my local goth night, or possibly for the local Pride march.


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27 Apr 2012 - 12:2383138
I use to wear cosplay in public a lot for photos or just to hang with friends, but now I only do it if we're having picnics with lots of people.

I still go out for photoshoots though in costume, and will wear the cosplays on transport to go to local events if needs be.

Also worn Snape to my college for Halloween before as well.

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27 Apr 2012 - 12:4183139
I once wore my Balthier cosplay to a pirte themed fancy dress party. it actually went down really well, and a lot of people recognised the character. I also made my Ace Ventura cosplay for the fancy dress birthday party of Fables... but i suppose at a fancy dress party for a cosplayer, you tend to expect people to put in effort XD

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27 Apr 2012 - 15:3683148
I tend to do a fair bit of cosplaying in town when I am with friends. Strangely I dont get many reactions these days XD Maybe cuz after a while I get too spaced out to even notice.

I was heading home from a manga themed night a while ago and my mum had to pick me up from the tram station. There is a huge Tescos just by the tram line and we were craving chocolate and ice cream so we went in while I was still fully in my Yurippe cosplay XD Being very late at night and very few people there nothing too bad happened.

Some chav demanded my email address while I was in my Matryoska cosplay once but refused as if I was dressed normal and that shut him up for the rest of the journey.

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28 Jun 2012 - 15:0386840
I went to night out in a lolita dress once, I got compliments but it did feel a bit much for that particular club. I also had to travel in full Chrome cosplay during the B'ham expo but I think it was the trident that got all the attention!


28 Jun 2012 - 17:0486853
During the MCM Manchester Expo we had went to subway for lunch, and that was kinda weird, cos we were all in cosplay, but then everyone else was as well, so it wasn't that bad!

28 Jun 2012 - 17:2486855
I wouldent call my Cosplay a 'Masterpiece' (it was bought But modified by me, and the only cosplay I had which was worth taking out with me) XD
But I wore my Rukia Kuchiki (School Uniform ver.) to 2 things, One being my friends Birthday and we went out to the Cinema to watch Dorian Gray (All of us were in cosplay)
And I got a few... 'Looks' XD and the ticket guy looked me up and down and said sarcastically "Hmmmm thats very appropriate" and I just said back "What, I dress like this all the time."

I also wore it to a charity thing, Not many comments, just a few people looking at us ^^;

28 Jun 2012 - 21:1786862
I once dressed up as Ryu Hayabusa at work for Children in need. I got a lot of comments. XD

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08 Jul 2012 - 15:4487291
I wish I wore my cosplays in real life- but they're all far far to weird. Like the Witch from l4d, or a Silent Hill nurse.

Best moment though, me and my partner were at Ayacon, and there were a couple shops onsite. We went to one, and whilst I was queueing-

He was stood in his full Pyramid Head gear, shopping for loaves of bread.

It was just one of those out of context hillarious moments. I wish I had got a photo ;-;

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