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29 Oct 2008 - 00:197309
Any kind of help would be lovely ^^
Ive chosen to go as an al bhed for next mcm expo, now, i have the harnesses and im pretty sure i can get hold of the gloves, boots and trousers. The only problem is the vest with the side bits.

Does anyone have any solutions to making it, or even a good commissioner who could make it for me since i don't really know where to start XD.

Thank you in advanced!!

ref pic:

29 Oct 2008 - 14:457319
Wow that looks like fun- how much sewing experience do you have?


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29 Oct 2008 - 15:347321
YAY!we're trying to get an x-2 group sorted for may! it would be so cool if you could make this!

My suggestions would be to start with the bottom layer, make/modify some baggy brown cut-offs and brown vest top (you can sew a zip down the middle after - at least I think it's a zip...) once thy are made (as they dont necessarily need to be an all-in-one separate items would be fine) you can the move onto the blue flaps down the side which you could make and attach to the top (maybe add some velcro/poppers to stick the to the trousers if you want to keep them down) you'll want to raid your local fabric store for belt buckles etc to make the strapping (webbing or stiff fabric would work well) there are loads of glove tutorials about which would only need slight modification to work.

I hope this helps!! Feel free to PM me if it doesn't make any sense!!!

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29 Oct 2008 - 15:477323
Thanks for the ideas ^^ i myself have no sewing experience (apart from home tech at school which i didnt really pay much attention in XD), but my mother was an art student and we might still have the sewing machine somewhere >.>,

Once again thanks for the tips and ill get back to you all with problems/progress.

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