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21 Mar 2012 - 00:0681163
Mistakes in cosplays you made but wore anyway.
We are our own worse critics, mistakes and inaccuracies in your own cosplay are going to really stand out to you, but no one else seems to notice.

The biggest mistake was when I had a huge fabric fold in my kamina cape while machine stitching it, I tried unpicking it but it made a huge tear in the fabric.When I wore the cape, luckily due to the many folds in the fabric no one seems to notice and all eyes on the cape where drawn to the giant flaming skull motif on it.

Who has a story about with a mistake or error in their costumes that they where worried people would notice or you where self conscious about, but managed to get away with it that will make people feel better about their own imperfections.

21 Mar 2012 - 00:1981165
I remember my first cosplay of Nero from Devil May Cry 4. I actually didn't have a wig to go with it, I didn't even bother with my hair or anything I just thought "Nobody else will go as Nero, I'm sure I'll get loads of people taking my pictures and talking to me!"

Wrong and wrong. XD Although I did meet some awesome people then! Also, I've paid a lot more attention to detail since then.

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21 Mar 2012 - 00:4081166
Kitacon's going to be the first time I've made any part of a cosplay so I'm nervous about this very thing happening. Although, I've had problems with ones I haven't made like elastic coming undone on a sleeve that's detached from the main cosplay and so had to keep pulling it back into place.

21 Mar 2012 - 08:1181177
I think pretty much every costume I've made has inaccuracies. Probably the one that annoyed me the most was my ncr ranger costume - the helmet I was expecting never arrived so I ended up making a really shoddy one that was the wrong shape, colour... Everything XD I'm so looking forward to re-doing it with a proper helmet.... And a fan instead of a picture of one, and maybe not missing half the stuff on the mask

I've also got skirts with the wrong panels - ruffled where it shouldn't be and visa versa, detail on the wrong area, wrong colour. My worst bits are wigs and shoes though. As long as they're the right colour and length I'll wear them, lol

21 Mar 2012 - 13:4881183
I had a machine mistake too, for my toadette cosplay when i was sewing the hola hoop to the dress i lost focus for a few seconds and part of the dress got caurght, again tried to unpick but the material ended up ripping. Still wore it and no one seemed to notice =3


21 Mar 2012 - 15:1981187
My biggest inaccuracies happen to be in my Yurippe cosplay XD The wig is a little bit on the short side and looks a bit more like Hiwasawa's and the fuku is meant to be a lighter blue but the shade varies in every reference I found. Plus every other person I saw who cosplayed from it seemed to have used various shades for the uniform too, varying from sky blue to the same shade as I used.

Also for my Ranka lee skirt it is meant to be sort of loosely pleated but I ended up iron pleating it XD

Currently I am working on a Magnet dress for Meiko but I am designing the dress myself, same idea but different shape. The lace for the belt is thicker than what most people would have used but I like it better like this methinks

21 Mar 2012 - 15:2681190
my konata izumi form lucky star cosplay was my first and terrible cosplay.

I couldn't find a uniform on ebay at the time so I brought another cotume which looked similar but wasn't the uniform.
the wig, was not styled either ahaaa xD
and I wore black trainers instead of school shoes.

but I went to a london expo anyway xD still got a few photos taken XD I am never doing that again


21 Mar 2012 - 23:5481230
I don't make my own I get Nixie to make mine because she's lovely and knows how to make great cosplays and I'm lazy. The only "mistakes" we've had so far is with my Mami Tomoe cosplay, it had a 2 straps instead of 3, but this purposefully as 3 looked funny as I am quite short, the other mistake was it was had a back like a waistcoat rather than just going round my tummy but I didn't care because it looked awesome =D

My first ever cosplay I made, was Nagi from Kannagi who looks like this
I used a too darker wig, I wore a t-shirt rather than a sleeve less shirt and the skirt was too long and 2 sizes too big for me. I don't have any photos though but I would love to do this cosplay again but 10 times better because I love this show and I like the summery-ness of it =3

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22 Mar 2012 - 12:1281259
god i have 3 for this

the first 2 were my hinata hyuga and tayuya cosplay. at the time i didnt buy wig cause i had no access to the internet and was unble to buy them so it didnt really bover me but i was quite shocked at the fact that some people took my photo regardless, althought with hinata i did try and put blue hair dye putty thing in my hair on the day of the can but it made my fringe all thin and horrble so it didnt bover with the rest of the hair. and with tayuya i thought that it would be fine without a wig cause i have brown hair where tayuya had red hair.

another one was my blackstar cosplay that i wore for the midlands expo this year, the only problem that i had with it was that i didnt pleat the grey bits on the the top and gloves so that the fabric was flailing out and it was doing my head in so much, but loads of people took my photo so it didnt really matter but it shows really badly on photos. but i have pleated them now and im quite pleased with the costume

also my organisation coat for my xion cosplay is too shiney and i dont really like it cause it dosnt look like the other organisation cosplays

22 Mar 2012 - 15:0781262
Yeah definitely, for my Ghirahim cosplay I cut the fringe in, on the wrong side. For me - personally - it really threw the costume off, so I decided to "mirror" the costume. Luckily there were only two other parts of the costume I had to "mirror" (the diamond on his waistband, and the side which his earring is on) since the rest of the costume was pretty much symetrical. Luckily that was only for Hyper Japan and no-one noticed or cared... but for me, it was annoying. But I've got a new wig for May MCM so that it doesn't pester me next time

22 Mar 2012 - 15:2281265
While working on my coat for Sephiria I got a bit too enthusiastic while trimming some loose threads and accidentally snipped a hole in the fabric on the back. I fixed it by cutting around the bit I'd snipped and making it a more regular shape, then using some leftover fabric and some of that iron-on repair stuff to fill in the gap. You can't see it in the finished costume, partly because it's so small and partly because my wig covers it up... but I know it's there, and it haunts me...!

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22 Mar 2012 - 16:4081268
The eyes on my Matryoshka hoodie are actually really uneven and I couldn't do anything about it because I'd already drawn the dots around them .__.
Also I didn't make this costume but my dad bought me a Haruhi costume a few sizes too small so the sleeves didn't quite reach far enough xD

24 Mar 2012 - 01:2481341
Everything i've done has had massive mistakes in it, Just need to skillfully hide them on the inside where no one will see xD

24 Mar 2012 - 03:4081343
When I first cosplayed Cross Marian out to public. It was expo and my wig never arrived on time but I wanted to wear the cosplay so badly, so I asked all my wonderful friends for a long red wig to borrow for the day. My friend replied and gave me her red wig. When I opened it and watched it all flow out, I realized she gave me her Grell wig. It was massively long compared to Cross' actual hair, but I was desperate and wore it anyways LOL. I never had the mask either.


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24 Mar 2012 - 03:4481344
Oh I every cosplay I have has mistakes.. Probably by my laziness and lack of attention when I sew.

I had no time to finish my cosplay (Also not enough paint) So for my Amaimon cosplay, only one side of my pants were painted as the backside, the coat blocked off It was pretty bad. That cosplay was so rushed ;u;

Yeah every cosplay is never perfect to every cranny, like my Luffy cosplay, Instead of his normal sandals I simply wore black ones, and no one noticed BD

24 Mar 2012 - 13:3681349
They're not mistakes, they're embellishments

24 Mar 2012 - 13:3681350
My first attempt at styling a wig was for Zack and it looks horrible, I've vowed to never use a wig again, or use one for someone with generally straight unstyled hair.

My biggest mistake in cosplay was letting baggage handlers loose on my Buster Sword, the paint got ruined and it was cracked in half. I should've known as well as I used to be a baggage handler.

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25 Mar 2012 - 14:2981384
I knew but it was more to do with the minor details really, like shoes (unless they were extremely detailed or specific) I remember for Hyper Japan I didn't want to enter the competition because an eye from my Tiger emblem was missing >_<" just didn't feel right if I did have it at least spot on xD my friend complained alot to me for not going and now I feel bad haha, but accidents do happen~


25 Mar 2012 - 14:5281386
My first cosplay, Luke from Professor Layton...

I decided a wig was too expensive so I just gelled my hair in his style until my hair turned brown.

My dark blond hair turns brown when in water and/or products. *proud face*

25 Mar 2012 - 15:3581388
Oh god! Too many to mention!

My prom outfit - Hecate at Kitacon last year.. I used interfacing that was too stiff for my dress and it made it all crumpley ;__; I wore it anywhere XD

Millia Rage - used material that was too think and stiff when cotton or similar would have sufficed. ><

My fabric choices never usually work out >< haha

28 Mar 2012 - 09:2181558
If I mention all the mistakes I've made we'll be here til June, and most friends on FB have already heard me BAWWing about them in statuses asking for help LMAO!

I seem to have a problem with proportions and modding patterns to fit the costume. For example, the neckline on my Nausicaa costume is totally wrong, but it looked decent enough to still wear. Recently, my Janis sleeves, the puffy bit was too small and it looked horrible - I had to unstitch it all, and make new massive sleeves and they're much better it's now more accurate (APART FROM THE NECKLINE FUUU)

04 Apr 2012 - 11:5981827
My Portgas D Ace (Strong World) Cosplay for October MCM Expo!

It was my first serious cosplay, I put a lot of work into it and planned a lot, and when I went to the event I was sure everything was fine!
Only after couple of days, looking through photos I realised that I lost my Whitebeard belt badge (I didn't attach it properly to my belts) and that my belts were actually positioned in reverse direction!
It made me a little disappointed, since I was sure everything was perfect.

BUt i'll try better next time! ^ ^


05 Apr 2012 - 11:3481879
my undertaker cosplay has short sleves DX so yh

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05 Apr 2012 - 18:0381894
My first ever cosplay of Godot had the wrong wig, the wrong shirt and no waste coat
I wore it anyway -3-

05 Apr 2012 - 18:2981896
The only one that's really bothered me is in Shin - I wore the ear to lip piercing on the wrong side of my face! xD Thankfully, no one's pointed it out - but it bothers me~

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