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28 Oct 2008 - 23:567308
London MCM Expo October 2008 - Photos
My first batch of photos from October Expo 2008 have been posted to the galleries. They pretty much cover Saturday up to the Masquerade.

I wish I could have taken more general photos of everyone, but I was running from place to place like a loon that day. X.X

See the photos here.

I had far more time to wander on the Sunday. The galleries will be updated over time with more photos.

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05 Nov 2008 - 21:477461
Brilliant photos, as always Red-kun! And yay, one of me as Integra ^_^ That'll satisfy my craving for the photoshoot results for a bit longer lol I love it, thank you!

07 Nov 2008 - 20:567505
I can't wait to see the shoot! These photos look great already!

CosplayIsland Staff Member

11 Nov 2008 - 04:127558
Hey, more photos are up... about 140 since my last update. These include the Saturday Masquerade and Sunday photos.

11 Nov 2008 - 13:097561
Andrew, thank you for the excellent photos ^_^ Even in harsh winds and having had two of our people moved away due to fake guns you did a great shoot LOL

CosplayIsland Staff Member

11 Nov 2008 - 13:317563
Thanks for getting some shots of me!

I don't really have any good ones of Ivy, so it's awesome to get a few.


11 Nov 2008 - 14:177565
Oh, you got me and the clowns! Thanks, I really like this one!

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