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28 Oct 2008 - 22:207302
Forums are scary places to throw yourself into!

n00b here. New to the site, new to cosplay. Not new to costume making though because I've been making clothes for LRP characters, weapons, leather armour and the like for a few years now. I've always done game+film characters for Halloween so this seemed like the logical next-step.

Went to MCM Expo and it was good. Wasn't in costume (was in a Rob Zombie tube dress that didn't fall apart despite being made the previous night in an hour) but it made me hanker to be wandering about in kit!

My favorite colour cotton is neon yellow which I haggled into getting free with some wool for a Jedi cloak. Not used it yet but it's BEGGING to be as it's UV reactive.

That revelation says enough about me! Star Wars! Shiny things!

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