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28 Oct 2008 - 14:437284
Looking for Photographer
Hi everyone, hope you had a great time at the expo, like me >_<

Anwyay, I'd like to contact a photographer I saw at the expo. He was using a big camera with a big zoom (sorry for the lousy description, I'm camera noob). For some picture he was taking inside and outside the Excel Center I saw him lying on the ground to take the picture. I would say he was 30 something. He took me a pic and I'd like to have it >_<. Any help would be appreciated.
muchas gracias

PD: my english sucks because hablo espanol >_<

My english sucks because hablo espanol :O

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28 Oct 2008 - 14:487287
I think I know the guy you were talking about. Me and him were working together on the Steam Punk Photo Shoot on sunday. I have his contact details at home.

If its not the right guy I would be happy to set up a photo shoot with you.

Plz PM me and we can talk.

James Fedora
Otaku Punch Picture
JM Marketing & Media

James Fedora
Cosplay Photographer & Cinematographer
Otaku Punch Pictures & Media

Facebook & YouTube Groups- Otaku Punch Pictures & Media

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