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10 Mar 2012 - 18:5880528
[SELLING] Wigs + Costume bits and pieces + Other things, image heavy.
Hello all! I’m selling a few things to raise some money and make some space. All items are the price BEFORE postage, although if you live locally to London or are attending any conventions then I am willing to just hand over the items. Message me if you are interested in anything, I am also willing to negotiate prices.

Short white wig – used for Fenris. SOLD

Short silver wig – styled for Hope Esthiem. SOLD

Long blue/silver wig – used for Riku. SOLD

Long wavy red wig – used for Pheonix. SOLD

Hope Esthiem Costume - SOLD

Organisation XIII coat – KH2 - £60
Only worn once! Still in really great condition. I changed the dangly bits myself as the ones on the original coat just weren’t up to scratch. Size 8-12. It is a coat so it will be quite loose on a size 8 but will fit snuggly on a size 12!

Airwing – Hope Esthiem boomerang - £50
Made for my costume. A lot of time and effort and love was put into this boomerang. It opens and closes as well. It is pretty sturdy and lightweight, con-safe too! Willing to negotiate on prices if you buy the wig+costume+prop.

50 x 7.2x100mm glue sticks - £4
Bought these by accident! I have no use for them so im putting them up here hoping they will be of use to someone.

2m bottle green fleece - £12
Another accidental buy! Seems a shame for it to go to waste, its really nice quality fleece. Just hoping to break even on this and hope somebody else has a use for it.

Yojimbo Master Creature figure, BOXED - £20
Beautiful figure from the master creatures set, this is new and boxed, never been opened.

Platform New Rocks - £80
Gosh I really don’t want to part with these, but I never wear them. I think I have worn them about 5 times since I got them and since then they have been put into a cupboard. They are still in really great condition, there may be a few scuffs in places but nothing noticeable. They are real leather, and are very comfy. Size 6.

Platform trainers – SWEAR - £10
These are a tad bit worn, but still in good condition, size 9.

Death Note mini figures - SOLD

Chocobo Phone Strap - SOLD

As I said before I am willing to take offers on anything, just PM me. A few of the things will be going on ebay if they aren’t sold within the next week, so grab them now if you can.

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10 Mar 2012 - 19:1780529
Riku wig
Oh, um, I love that Riku wig! Was wondering if I could please take that off your hands?

10 Mar 2012 - 20:4680533
PMed you about the silver wig and Hope costume

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