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10 Mar 2012 - 12:5180516
Selling - Katekyou Hitman Reborn - Irie Shoichi costume!! (NEEDS TO GO)
I'm selling my KHR - Irie Shoichi - Millefiore costume, I've only worn it ONCE, for a convention, but now it's just sitting in my closet and it really needs to go.

It's in great condition, cleaned, bought for around 100$ (with shipping), I'm selling it for 65$(without the shipping), it includes the pants, belt, upper part of the uniform, with all of the zippers and the black things that reach up to the knee. I can also add the ring he wears and the shoulder plated (which I made myself and are not perfect...but took some time and effort and look great^^) for an additional 10$ for both of the things

Here are some pictures (while I was wearing it):

If you're interested just contact me you can contact me either here or via email:

I'll also check into how much the shipping cost is, depending on where you live ^^


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