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01 Sep 2007 - 17:32315
Working with PVC
Anyone with experience at working on/with PVC?
Are there and tips? or simply, is it a substance that should be fed to Diablo?

Any Alternatives?

Thank you ^^

01 Sep 2007 - 18:14316
ahhh the dreaded PVC.

i've used it a couple of times adn its a bit like workinng with leather.

Use a sewing machine needle designed for leatherwork, as regular ones, will create weak seems that will rip. Also If you have a non-stick foot for your sewing machine, that always helps.

You can't use pins at all, or an iron, When made my leather corset, I used selotape to press open the seams.

It does really depend on what your making though?

Hope that helps

02 Sep 2007 - 00:03319
Just to add!

If you don't have a non stick foot, you'll need to use something like tissue paper between the foot and the PVC.

Also! Don't make the stitch length too small. I'd be worried one harsh tug and the thing would split.

Good luck. ~

02 Sep 2007 - 00:09320
If you can't get a teflon foot, there's several tricks to stop it sticking, like putting tissue paper over the PVC, sewing, and then carefully tearing it off. You can also use oils or something on the fabric - I think there's specific ones for this with names like sewer's ease...but I've found Vaseline works fine. Obviously when you sew on the backing, when you're sewing seams, then it's no problem. Definitely work from the inside where possible, it's topstiching that's the problem.

You can use an iron, so long as 1. you're very careful 2. it's on low 3. you use a thick press cloth (towel's a good bet) between the iron and the pvc. Test it out first before you do any damage though! I tend to press seams by leaving then under heavy books for a while, and I like the sound of Lex's sellotape idea.

A related note, if you've got stretch PVC, all the usual about sewing with zigzag stitches applies.

02 Sep 2007 - 20:09322
Pretty much yeah, what the lasses above said! I have one thing to add though, my local fabric shop sells *two* types of PVC fabric.

One is very thin and exceedingly stretchy, would be good for a bodysuit or anything fitted, but sticks like mad to the sewing machine and can be weak around the seams if sewn with a very small stitch. Take the above advice if this is what your fabric shop sells.

The other type is much thicker, and has a more 'plastic' feel to it. Its just as shiny, but does not stretch as well. However on the upside, for some reason it also doesn't stick to the machine, and sews very well. I used it for a corset and part of a collar on a costume, and it was fine.

As with all things cosplay related, its all trial and error - get a few offcuts of material and see how well you can work with it.

If (like me) you do find that PVC is horrid 99% of the time, see if you can find another material to use - either a slightly shiny leatherette/pleather, or lycra material, depending on what you need it for?

03 Sep 2007 - 00:05325
PVC is not my friend....
I've did quite a bit of pvc stuff for ame, and it's horrid I had black pvc for my masqurade costume, which was fine for any seams, and you didn't have to pin it, becuase it just stuck to itself, but I ended up hot gluing most of the hems. This worked reasonable well, but didn't last on all the edges, espcially though that had a lot of movement or rubbed, like the bottom of the hotpants. The waistband stayed on fine.

I also had some gold stuff, which was much thinner and only stretched in one direction, which was much easier to sew, but didn't take the glue too well.

The biggest problem was it sticking when sewing, so the stiching didn't come out easily. Be warned it can be very warm when you are wearing it, and gets quite hot and sticky, especailly if you are hanging around under bright lights, say, in a masqurade.

06 Sep 2007 - 04:17347
Thank You for your help, I can see things stright off that I would have done wrong ^^ Thank you thank you ^^

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